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Agent Tony Valor
Chapter 6 - The Party
By Rough Stud
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The next day Tony’s huge ass was still sore as fuck – and he was still furious at Steve and had some angry feelings about Matters as well. What Matters had told him didn’t make sense. He went to the gym – twice – after calling and quitting his cover job. He was jacked and he decided he would do things his way. Fuck being someone’s toy.

It took some time to find Steve’s house on his computer, but he figured he could find a way inside, and beat the pulp out of him. He was considering courses of action when a door from his closet opened – it was the way Matters had left yesterday in case Tony was being cased. He asked how he was feeling and Tony shrugged. He was embarrassed at the way he had thrown himself at Matters yesterday.


“Nothing to tell me?”

“Steve hasn’t called.”

“Anything else?”


Matters suddenly went red and grabbed Tony and put him in a dragon sleeper hold on his bed. Tony was shocked and not prepared – but also turned on by Matters’ body on top of him, easily controlling Valor’s huge muscles.

“Don’t lie to me, you stupid fuck!” He slapped Tony – again and again and again. Tony struggled even as he realized he liked it the way Matters was besting him as Matters growled – “you’re not going to his house and attack him – you going to follow the agency’s plan.”

“How did you know –“

“Damn kid, I worry because you are so stupid – we’re monitoring your computer – and it’s not happening. We call the shots. And since you need a reminder…”

Matters slugged Tony out cold.

When he woke, Matter was staring at him. Tony knew the man had just shown him once again who was in charge. Matters said he would be around tomorrow and the next day to monitor any calls. But one more stunt like that and Tony could forget the whole academy thing – did he understand?

Tony said something meekly he had never said before in that tone: yes, sir.

“I hope so kid, because you are a fucking wet dream for that bastard and you need to follow orders. I wish you were just a little smarter, but I’m trusting you won’t need to learn this lesson again.”

Tony’s mind shattered. Suddenly something made sense. He wanted Matters respect – he had probably always wanted it. He needed to get through the rest of this assignment obeying him and carrying off his part of the mission. He knew Matters was hot from him, but he’d kept getting his jollies slapping him around, playing with his body – and never making love to him, treating him as an equal or maybe a junior partner without earning that respect. He would have to earn it. And he would. He wanted to be his boy at the academy.

“I won’t.”

Matters didn’t stay much that day, but he was around the next day and the day after. Except when Tony went to the gym, he saw a lot of him. And Matters was right about his sex drive. His ass itched. He knew he wanted to be fucked – it took all he had not to beg Matters to do – or to pick someone up at the gym, but he knew both of those things would be the last straw. The only thing was, Steve wasn’t calling.

Matters shrugged but Tony (who knew he couldn’t go much longer without some relief) said: “maybe I wasn’t the great fuck you think I was. He dumped me like a piece of garbage in my car – you know all that – who calls someone after that?”

Matters grinned. “You have a few times – back in the day.”

Tony reddened, thinking of the girls he had fucked and never bothered to call until he wanted another fuck. That seemed like a lifetime ago.

Suddenly, the phone rang – from Steve. Tony looks at Matters but Matters just said he thought Tony knew how to handle this – but remember he’ll want to conquer you again – don’t be too easy.

Valor had no intention of being “easy.” There was still a lot of pride and anger deep inside. He growled a greeting and Steve pleasantly answered.

“How are you, stud!”

“Fuck you for calling, you bastard. I thought you might help me with Matters, but all you did was drug me and use me as a fuck doll. I’ll kill you if I see you!”

“That’s a good POV for my new bouncer!”

“Oh, you’re offering me a job now – fuck you.”

“And a chance to work together to take down Matters – in time.”

Tony’s voice changed – you did more to me than he did.”

“Look, boy – you were surprised and I was a little – strong with you – but you loved it. You loved being fucked like the trophy boy you are.”

Tony got hard.

“Let’s start over.”


“I’m having a party at my house tomorrow night – I’ll text you the address. Come around nine. I’ll send you something to wear. Maybe we’ll even talk Matters.”

Tony couldn’t help but gasp – he remembered the last outfit – and all the sexual energy in him came up.

“I’ll see if I can make it – “

“You’ll make it. See you tomorrow.”

Tony dropped the phone as Matters smiled at him. “You played that perfectly – still the cocky stud. But listen carefully – you need to tease him a bit, but also sort of act like you’re mind is still fucked-up from what he did. He won’t want you if you’re not a little arrogant, so just play dumb and he’ll decide to wait for another time to take you again. And then get out after you’ve planted the bug. And, remember, you’re on your own.”

Tony flexed his huge pecs, and he told Matters in his old, arrogant voice: I’ll be fine. Matters sighed, shook his head, but said nothing.

The next day, the clothes arrived – a white see-through shirt and tight black pants and boots. The team inserted the listening devise into the heel of the right boot. AT some point, he’d need to plant it in the first floor bathroom where the device wouldn’t be seen.

Tony got dressed – he was always an exhibitionist but he’d never worn something like this to a “party” – the shirt showed of his pecs and abs – he might as well as not have it on. The pants were so tight he could barely get them over his huge thighs and when they were on, they pushed out his cock and his ass – two huge globes of muscle just begging for it. When Matters saw him, even he registered surprised and Tony was proud – Matters was turned on by his body no matter how much he belittled him.

“Be careful.”

Tony shrugged and sauntered out. He knew he was horny but he was so angry with Steve, there was no way he would do anything like act sort of out of it and then go. He would handle that bastard – and he would accomplish the mission. That was the only way the muscle-bound god could gain his self-respect again.

He got to the door of Steve’s house and a well-built Latin man was at the door, checking everyone over. Tony had expected that but when he got the head of the line, the Man looked at him with lust and insisted he needed to check everything. He felt Tony up and Tony could tell he was being aroused. This wouldn’t do. Finally, he told the man to stop.

“Not yet, muscle boy.”

Tony, pissed, slugged the guy, knocking him on his ass, and walked into the house. Everyone was staring at his huge body. He refused a drink when Steve came up to him, not happy.

“You just hit the doorman.”

“Just practicing for my job as a bouncer.” Steve reacted to the tough statement – Steve seemed to like it. He continued.

“Your “bodyguard” – or whatever he is - made me wait so long, I need a bathroom.”

Steve indicated one and Tony parted through the crowed - he saw Clay and John and they had clearly been talking about him but he paid them no mind.

He got into the bathroom but saw a camera installed that was watching him. How was he going to leave the device? But as he took a piss, a thought came to him.

As he was zipping up, he “dropped” his keys. He bent over to get them. He’d always been proud of his huge ass but he never really thought of it helping him out in this manner. He knew his huge butt was blocking the camera’s view as he slipped out the device and placed it undetected in a crack in the wall even as he “found” his keys. Someone was watching him and getting a great shot – but not the one he wanted them to know about. He felt proud and more sure of himself than he had been in days. He would be a damn good agent. As for his sex drive – well, screw Steve. When he got back having successfully completed the mission, he was sure Matters would look at him in a different way.

He walked out and Steve called for him to come over. A part of him just wanted to go, but he knew the bathroom would then be searched. A part of him knew he should follow Matters’ advice – act a little dumb and confused. Fuck all of that. So he strutted over.

Steve told people to gather round – no Clay or John, all of them looked harmless enough as Steve told everyone that Tony was going to be the new doorman at the club. A few people cheered.

Tony saw his way out. Instead of acting meek and confused, he puffed up his huge chest. “I wouldn’t work for you for anything. I just came to tell you that to your face. And give you this.”

Tony was about to punch Steve when he felt a prick in his right ass cheek. A warm feeling spread all over him as the itch from his ass erupted and he looked stunned.

Steve slapped him hard as his face grew dark. “Then you can just be my whore.”

There was no one in the world Tony hated more that Steve, but when Steve grabbed him and kissed him he couldn’t help but respond. Hands were all over him as Steve led him to a pool table while he was being stripped. And then – in front of everyone – Steve fucked him. And Tony’s mind exploded, because he couldn’t resist – he suddenly wanted it, even from someone he hated so. Suddenly he heard himself saying,

“Oh God – oh god, yes – please fuck me, fuck me harder!”

Steve fucked him in front of everyone as he told the crowd what a bottom whore Tony was. Tony was so turned on – he loved the degradation. And it wasn’t over. He was nearly passed out on the table when someone else entered him – them another and another – one of them was the latin guy from the front door who slapped Tony hard, paying him back; the others nailing him, he had no idea how many – he was just there to be used. Tony took it all, staying in heat. He was rolled over and fucked and his ass beaten. Despite all, he heard himself actually begging for more.

Men came on his face, his hair, abused his tits…did whatever they wanted. Tony came – and came again and finally passed out. He was carried by five or six men into a second bathroom and place naked on the shower floor. Steve pissed on him – as did at least twenty more men. He had never felt so degraded. Steve lifted his head – teach you a lesson boy?

Tony nodded. “You taught me a lesson” – and then he went out for good.

Hours later he woke to silence in the house, covered in cum and piss. He managed to get up and shower off as best he could. He stumbled through the house, naked. He had no idea where his clothes were – or if he could even had the presence of mind to put them on. But as he got to the front door, he saw a pair of white underwear with Steve’s handwriting – compliments.

Tony nearly passed out from the humiliation that came back at the whore he had been earlier. But he needed something to wear and something to get out. He put them on and made his way to the front door. Thank God it was open.

He stumbled out into the early daylight. He was at least four miles from his hotel in nothing but boxer briefs but he started walking – two, three, five blocks, barely holding up from being drugged and raped. And as he passed an alley, a pair of strong hangs grabbed him by the mouth and waist.

What the hell now?

But it was Matters who told him just stay silent as he turned the buck slowly around. Tony knew what he looked like – he knew that Matters knew he hadn’t been “careful” after all. The man he wanted to impress, think of him as a stud was once again seeing what a dumb, oversexed, muscleboy he was.

It – It – it was all too much for Tony to handle. Tony passed out in Matters arms. Matters hoisted the boy as he had before over his shoulder – but his own dick was hard even as his voice was soft.

“It’s okay, kid – it’s okay.” And he carried the young stud away….

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