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East is West
Part 1 - Jim is Surprised
By swphillyboi

East is West - Jim is Surprised

Jim East exited the train at Bedlow Springs; he was scheduled to meet his partner at the town hotel. Artemus Seagram was returning from Washington after meeting with the head of the Secret Service. He had telegrammed Jim to meet him here and discuss their new assignment.

When Jim arrived at the hotel, the desk clerk told him that Artemus had left the hotel yesterday and had not returned but had sent a message back for Jim.

"Jim, I have a lead on some counterfeiters operating in this area. I need you to meet me by the waterfall north of town. I have set up camp in a cave to the right of the falls." ”

So how did you get this message if Mr. Seagram has not been back to the hotel?”

“One of the local lads is working out at the quarry past the falls; he was coming into town for supplies. Mr. Seagram was waiting by the side of the road and asked him to drop the message off here".

"I was thru here a couple years ago and the quarry was closed down, when did they start working it again?”

"About 6 months ago a new owner hired a crew and started working the quarry. Since the railroad came thru here it makes moving the stone and gravel easier”

Jim got the key to Artie's room and went upstairs. The room was neat, way too neat. Artie usually had every surface in his rooms covered with supplies, clothes or papers. Jim searched the whole room and could find nothing to help him understand why Artie was camped outside town.

There was nothing more to do until tomorrow morning. Jim stripped off his travel clothes wrapped a towel around his waist and went down the hall to the shared bath. Pleased to find there was plenty of hot water available he soaked in the tub for a while before he went back his room.

Jim climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep. He woke up early the next morning, had breakfast and got directions to the waterfall. He had to follow the main road north out of town and after a few miles he was to watch for a turnoff right after the road curved.

Jim hired a horse at the livery stable and headed out of town. He passed several loaded quarry wagons heading into town. It took over half an hour to get to the falls. The ground fell away sharply down from the narrow dirt road to the pool at the base of the falls. Jim tied the horse to a tree and made his way down the hill. It took him another 15 minutes to find the cave. No sign of Artie, in or out of the cave. He searched around to see if there were any other caves nearby but didn’t find any.

When he went back to where he had tied up his horse, it was gone. He looked around to see if the horse was grazing nearby but no luck. His canteen and saddle bags were still with the horse wherever it had gone. Jim decided if the horse got loose it probably headed back to the livery stable. His best option was to walk back to the main road and hope to catch a ride on one of the quarry wagons.

It was a hot day, after he started back to the road Jim tool off his jacket, his shirt was soaked with sweat and stuck to him. He felt a little embarrassed to see that his dark nipples and chest hair were so visible thru his wet shirt. So far this whole trip had sucked. Jim wondered where Artie could be and why he hadn’t just stayed at the hotel until Jim got to town. He was hot, thirsty and completely disgusted by the time he got back to the road. He found a shady spot and leaned against a tree to wait for a passing wagon.

It was well over an hour before he heard wagon wheels approaching. An empty wagon was heading back to the quarry. When Jim stepped into the road the driver stopped.

“Hi, I hired a horse to ride out the falls. I tied it up while I looked around but somehow it got loose. I need to get back to town. Will there be another wagon heading back to town coming this way?”

The driver shook his head.

“Won’t be any more full wagons heading into town today, there will be one more coming back empty to the quarry.”

“I’m happy to pay you for a ride back to town.”

The driver shook his head again.

“These horses are tired. I have to get them back to the quarry, they need to be rested so they can pull a full load tomorrow.”

“What are the chances of someone else heading into town?”

Again the driver shook his head, Jim wondered if it ever went in a positive direction.

“Not much chance. Stagecoach won’t be thru here for a few more days. No one much lives out this way. Quarry traffic is mostly what uses this road. You can hitch a ride to the quarry with us and go into town tomorrow with a full wagon. We’ll give you a meal and a bed.”

Jim considered his options, spend the night here by the side of the road or go back to quarry. Wasn’t really much of a choice.

“Thanks, guess I’ll take you up on the offer of a meal and a bed.”

Since the driver had a silent helper on the seat beside him, Jim climbed into the back of the wagon. It was covered with dust and gravel remnants but beggars can’t be choosers. The driver looked back at Jim and smiled to see how transparent his shirt had become.

“Looks like the heat kind of got you hot & bothered.”

The silent helper handed Jim a canteen, grateful he took a couple big swallows before he handed it back. After a few minutes Jim felt strange, he tried to say something but couldn’t form any words. He tried to reach towards the wagon driver but instead fell over, his face resting on the gravel in the bottom of the wagon.

The driver turned around and gave a quick laugh.

“That’s right Mr. East, you have yourself a little rest.”

Jim didn’t even wonder how the man knew his name. He felt powerless, he could move his arms and legs but not really lift them, suddenly he realized he had pissed himself. His pants were soaked and a puddle formed in the bottom of the wagon.

Jim grunted and the 2 men looked around and laughed, he could feel his face turn red from embarrassment.

“Now you is wetter down bottom than up top.”

The men turned around still laughing. He couldn’t make out what the driver was whispering to his helper and annoyance quickly overcame his feelings of embarrassment. He tried again to sit up but instead he felt like he was in a dream, somewhat aware of his surroundings but really not caring or even fully conscience.

As they pulled up to the quarry gates Jim felt a little more with it, he was able to raise himself up on his elbows and look around as the gates were opened and the wagon moved into an open area. Buildings formed a square around the open area; the main building was 2 stories and had a large open porch in front.

Jim was able to see over the side of the wagon. He spotted a familiar figure, one he had run into many times before. Dr. Miguelito Morelike was a dwarf with a brilliant, but evil mind. Over the years he had come close to destroying Jim East but in the end was defeated each time.

However, Jim & Artie were never able to capture him. The wagon driver and his helper grabbed Jim under his arms and pulled him out of the wagon. Feeling stronger Jim was able to stand on his own.

“Dr. Morelike what a surprise to see you.”

“Ah, Mr. East, we have been preparing for your arrival. I have a nice long visit with us planned for you. Mr. Seagram has been our guest for a few days. I am sure he will be delighted to see you.”

Jim shrugged and smiled at the little man.

“People know where I am, so I don’t think we will enjoy your hospitality for too long a time.”

“No one who knows where you are has any intention of letting your fellow agents know anything about your whereabouts. I have a couple jobs in mind for you while you are here and we will need to prepare you to take on those tasks. It will be better if you aren’t completely aware of what is happening.”

A man dressed in medical whites had come up behind Jim and now stuck a syringe in his arm. Jim felt the fogginess return as he sunk down onto the packed gravel covering the square.

For the next few hours it was like he was dreaming. He was aware that he was loaded onto a stretcher and taken into a building. His clothes were roughly removed from him. Then there was a period where he felt pulling everywhere on his body. He was turned in different directions, his arms and legs raised and lowered. At times he was almost fully aware of where he was, at other times it was all dreamlike and for short periods of time he was unaware of anything.

Jim grunted as he felt pain in first one nipple and then the other. He tried to move his hands to his groin as he felt his cock and balls tugged but was unable to effectively move any part of his body. Another grunt as he felt something enter his ass and a period of fullness until he was backed onto a chamber pot as his bowels emptied of the liquid that had been pumped into them. He was mostly unaware that he had 2 additional enemas.

Jim was not sure how much time had passed before he came back to full awareness. His arms were held above his head and he could not lower them. He was able to stand and relieve some of the pressure of hanging from his arms. Something thick around his neck kept him from looking down.

His chest ached and his gums was sore, as he moved his tongue around he found a gap in his teeth on both sides. Standing in front of him was a group of men, Dr. Morelike and Artie among the group. Artie had a vacant look on his face and his arms were attached to thick belt at his waist. He was nude except for that belt. A man stood behind Artie and Jim could see the thin wire digging into his neck, the man held a block of wood that the wire was attached to.

Once he was sure Jim had emerged from his drug stupor Dr. Morelike came closer.

“Mr. East welcome back from never-never land. As you can see we brought Mr. Seagram here to see you. I think he knows where he is but he has been fed his own special drug cocktail. You can see that Jacob is holding a wire garrote around his neck. The wire is very strong and very sharp. A quick hard tug and Mr. Seagram’s neck would be cut, the loss of blood and inability to breathe means he would die very quickly. If you make any attempt to harm myself or my men or attempt to escape, your partner will be killed. I want to be sure you understand that.”

Jim glared at his captor.

“I understand but you should understand that this plan is doomed to failure like all your past attempts.”

Dr. Morelike laughed.

“You are talking pretty big for someone who pissed his pants a short time ago.”

He motioned to 2 other men who pulled a tall object covered in a red cloth in front of Jim

. “Now my dear Mr. East I think it is time for the unveiling of the new you.”

He pulled the cloth off, revealing a large mirror. Jim could not help gasping at what was revealed. Jim East was proud of his body. He worked hard to keep it in top condition and wore clothes that showed it to best advantage. He felt his ample covering of hair enhanced the masculine look of his body, not so much that he looked like a bear but enough to let people know he was all man.

Now his body had been stripped of all hair except for a strip down the middle of his skull. Even his eyebrows were gone. The smooth look was enhanced by a coating of oil that made his bare skin gleam. A golden ring hung from each nipple. His cock and balls were gathered by a wide ring that held them slightly away from his body.

He had thick golden cuffs around his wrists and ankles. The cuffs around his wrist were attached to ropes that held his arms up in the air. His fingernails and toenails were painted a bright red.

“You sick fuck, what have you done to me.”

Dr. Morelike looked offended.

“My dear man, does that mean you don’t like your new look. We worked really hard on this. It will be disappointing if all that work was in vain.”

Jim didn’t respond.

“You will have a couple jobs while you are with us. First, I have always been an admirer of your excellent body. I plan to create an army of super beings to assist me in my work. I will use your sperm to create this army. There is quite a bit of testing I still need to do so we will need quite a bit of sperm from you.

Second, I know you like to stay physically active so we are going to use you to help pull the wagons that bring the stones up from the quarry floor. Sort of a human jackass, which I have always kind of felt you are. You probably have noticed we have removed some teeth to allow a control bit to fit in your mouth better.

I don’t wish to have the beauty of your body marred so if you don’t cooperate we will cane Mr. Seagram’s ass each time you cause any problem. Each time you disobey or are uncooperative your friend will suffer.

If you attempt to escape at any time we will remove one of Mr. Seagram’s testicles, a second attempt and he loses a second ball. A foolhardy third attempt and I will remove his penis.

Of course, if you are somehow able to successfully escape, your dear friend Artie will be killed, in as gruesome a way as possible. Something that will bring him great pain at the end of his life.”

Jim simply glared at the little man gloating in front of him. The other men in the room was smiling. Morelike gave a signal and suddenly Jim’s legs were pulled wide apart by ropes attached to his ankle cuffs.

His captor moved closer and grasped his cock.

“This looks quite nice now that we have gotten rid of all that hair. It feels so smooth with the body oil coating it. The oil makes you looks so nice and it also inhibits new hair growth. It effects may be permanent after continual use.”

Jim said nothing and just looked straight ahead, avoiding looking at Dr. Morelike. The good doctor pulled back Jim’s foreskin and examined the exposed head. He rubbed his hand over Jim’s smooth stomach, back to his impressive ass.

Firm, pure white buttocks formed a deep cleft, masking his tiny rosebud of an asshole. A small finger gathered oil and then made a quick penetration into his asshole and wiggled around inside the smooth passage.

Jim gasped at the sudden intrusion.

“I will kill you for this.”

The doctor laughed.

“Such a big fuss over such a tiny finger. Your friend Artie has had several pretty large dicks up his ass. Gentlemen show Mr. East what a truly violated asshole looks like.”

The garrote was loosened and they turned Artemus around so his back was toward Jim and bent him over and spread his ass cheeks. His asshole was swollen and red, the spreading of his ass caused it to open slightly and Artie groaned with pain.

Jim felt tears come to his eyes but did his best to keep his emotion in check.

“You know Mr. East I was never quite sure just how close you and Mr. Seagram are. To my surprise his ass was virgin and your hole feels virgin tight to me as well.”

“If it is the last thing I do I will make sure you pay for what you have done to Artie.”

“It appears you feel your ass is more valuable than Mr. Seagram’s. You threatened to kill me for a single exploratory finger and for Mr. Seagram’s gang bang we are just going to pay.”

Jim refused to be drawn any further into the conversation and remained silent.

“Let’s get out guests settled for the night. Mr. East has a big day tomorrow.”

Jim’s arms were lowered and the ropes removed from his cuffs. As two men pulled his arms behind his back Jim resisted and pushed them away. With his legs still fastened there was little he could do as the men grabbed his arms again and secured the wrist cuffs together with a short chain.

Dr. Morelike looked on with an amused smile.

“Mr. East I really wonder just how good a friend you really are. You were warned that your dear friend Artie would pay for any non-cooperation from you. I think 2 cane strokes are called for here.”

Before Jim could say anything a cane was produced and Artie screamed as his ass was hit twice, leaving livid red marks that immediately swelled.

Jim was horrified

“For God’s sake why did you do that?”

“You were warned what would happen. The next time it will be four strokes and then six. Poor Artie won’t be able to sit down for months between his sore asshole and the cane strokes you give him. Your ass is just too beautiful to mar. Even you seem to understand that your friend’s ass is not is the same category as yours.”

Jim remained silent as his ankle cuffs were untied and a leather leash was attached to his collar. He was lead outside and across the square to a stable. One of the stalls had fortified walls and bars in the front. In one corner was a pile of hay, in another corner was a commode.

Hanging from the wall was a rubber dick.

“Jimmy if you get thirsty you can suck on that dick, modeled from Dr. Morelike, and you can have all the water you want. Try and get a good night’s sleep, you have a busy day tomorrow.”

They unhooked his leash; one guard went outside and locked the door while the other guy took the chain off his wrist cuffs.

“Now you go ahead over and get all comfy in your hay, remember if you give us any trouble we bring your friend over here and he gets four strokes of the cane.”

Jim went over and lay down in the hay, which he was surprised to find was soft and sweet smelling. Once he settled in the second guard left. The door in the bars was slammed and moments later the stable was plunged into darkness. Jim couldn’t even see his hand in front of his face. He could hear the animals in the other stalls and smell them. He hunkered down in the hay and amazed himself by quickly falling asleep.

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