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East is West
Part 2 - Jim learns his Jobs
By swphillyboi

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East is West 2 – Jim learns his jobs

Jim East woke up with the sun streaming down on him from the skylights above his stall. It took a moment for him to remember where he was.

The previous day seemed like a bad dream but as he looked down at his hairless body with gold rings hanging from his nipples he knew it was no dream. Jim looked around to try and come up with some plan of escape.

He was incredibly thirsty and hungry; he realized he hadn't eaten anything since breakfast the day before. A few moments later a wooden tray was shoved thru a slot in his stall door. He looked around the stall for a toilet. In one corner he saw a wooden box half filled with sand.

Jim went over and pissed over the side into the sand. Breakfast was grits and a few strips of bacon. There were no liquids served with breakfast. He saw the rubber cock sticking out of the wall and he remembered that was his source of water. Jim accepted the inevitable, shrugged and went over and knelt in front of the cock.

As a handsome, very young soldier, he had sometimes performed in a similar position for his commanding officer. He leaned forward opened his mouth and sucked. With little effort the cool water flowed into his mouth.

The stall door swung open, the two guards gave a quick bark of laughter when they saw Jim sucking on the water cock.

"Well Jimmy you finish up there, we have to get you ready for your day.”

Jim got his feet and stood while the guard attached the leash to his collar. Suddenly he knocked down the guard fastening the leash and punched his partner before running to the open door.

Four additional guards stood in the stall doorway, behind them stood four other men. One of those men was holding a leash attached to Artemus Seagram's collar.

"Jimmy you are starting out the day being naughty. You know what that means."

A thin cane appeared, Artie was spun around so his back faced Jim. The 2 cane marks from yesterday were vivid red marks on the pale white ass. Two guards held him steady and another quickly gave Artie 4 strikes of the cane.

The scream that came out of Artie sounded inhuman. Jim, speechless with horror focused on the four new raised red welts. One crossed a welt from the previous day which caused the skin to split and line of bright red blood was starting to run down Artie's leg.

"Shit Jimmy I am sure glad you aren't my friend! This poor man won't have any skin left on his ass if you keep acting up, next time he gets 6 strokes.”

A horrified Jim meekly allowed his guards to lead him to a large tiled room. Artie was marched into the room, tears running down his face and his breath still coming in gasps.

Two attendants wearing runner aprons and gloves took charge of Jim. They fastened the cuffs on his wrists to chains which they raised until his hands were pulled above his head. They took soapy cloths and wiped him down from his head to his feet, raised each foot in turn to wash the soles. Then they used a hose with a spray nozzle to rinse him with cold water. The rings thru his nipples were rotated and they rubbed salve on his nipples.

“We want those to heal properly without any infection. You sure don’t want to have your nipples cut off.”

His hands were lowered and he was bent over. A hose with a greased nozzle was pushed up Jim’s ass. He gasped at the intrusion but made no move to resist.

Once his bowels were filled he was pushed back over a large bucket and released the water and shit. After 2 more enemas, the discharge was clear water.

“Open your mouth wide.”

Jim did as he was told and a hard rubber bit attached to a leather harness was fitted into the spaced created by his extracted teeth. A plate attached to the bit held his tongue flat against the bottom of his mouth. This prevented him from talking; it made swallowing difficult so after a few minutes a thin line of drool started running out of both sides of his mouth.

The attached leather harness was tightened around his head and under his chin to hold the bit in place. Jim started to pull away but one handler rubbed his butt and told him to calm down before Artie got another caning.

Jim stood in place while metal braces were slipped on his arms. Leather straps secured them above his elbows and they attached to his writs cuffs. The braces held his arm in a bent position.

“These will help you hold on to the wagon poles. Nothing but the best for you Jimmy.”

Oil was spread over his entire body; this was to inhibit any regrowth of hair and to keep him from getting sunburned. Finally the strip of hair left on his head, his mane, was pomaded and made to stand straight up.

One of the guards attached the leash to Jim’s collar and led him out of the building and across the square to the main building. Dr. Morelike and several other white coated helpers were waiting. The doctor smiled as Jim was lead into the room.

“Jimmy, so glad to see you. I’m sure you are anxious to get to your quarry work but as I told you yesterday, there is another task that I need you accomplish.”

Jim was pushed into a chair in the center of the room. His arm braces were lined up with the wooden arms of the chair and several leather ties were used to secure his arms to the chair’s arms.

His feet were placed into stirrups and more straps were used to secure his legs. The back of the chair was lowered until Jim was leaning back and 2 clips were attached to his collar to keep his head from moving too much.

The legs stirrups were raised up and swung out as far as they would go to each side. Finally a wide leather belt was fastened around his stomach.

Jim was mortified to be so blatantly displayed; the mouth bit and tongue plate prevented him from talking. His small pinkish brown asshole coated in residual lubricant from his enemas seemed to twinkle in the sunlight streaming in the large windows of the room.

Dr Morelike came up beside him. He stroked Jim’s face with his soft, small hand.

“Poor Jimmy, now you can understand how it feels to be defeated.”

He followed this statement with a small harsh laugh.

To Jim this was all like some nightmare that he was trying to wake up from. Was it really only two days ago when he was a free, respected government agent?

Jim was used to being in control of every situation but new he worried about what else was in store for him as long as he remained a captive of this madman. The doctor grabbed Jim’s cock, it was an uncut, relatively thick cock on the large side of normal.

As he slid Jim’s foreskin down to reveal his rose colored cock head, the doctor smiled.

“I have always thought you had had a beautiful penis. Never has it been so completely in my control. It is quite thrilling to see you unable to even pull away from my touch.”

He motioned to one of his henchmen who quickly came over, bent over and took Jim’s cock into his mouth. Jim tried desperately to say No but was only able to mumble and grunt. Despite his efforts to prevent it, Jim felt his cock stiffen, all his cock knew was that it was in a warm mouth and a tongue was lavishing the sensitive head with attention.

Before it was fully hard Dr Morelike pulled a rubber tube over the cock. The tube was lubricated so it slid easily over Jim’s cock and 3 small hooks secured the tube to the ring around Jim’s cock & balls.

The tube was connected at the other end to a glass vial attached to the side of the chair. Before Jim could really comprehend was had happened to him, another of Morelike’s men and slid a well lubricated finger into his ass. The finger probed his colon until a grunt from Jim confirmed the location of his prostate. A thin metal probe with a ball at the end was nudged up against his prostate and the finger was withdrawn.

Jim couldn’t see that the probe had a thick rubber handle and a wire that connected with a console where the doctor now stood. A button was pushed and an electric charge flowed through the wire to the probe which was held against Jim’s sensitive prostate.

As the electric charge hit him, every muscle in his body seemed to cramp, his buttocks clenched and a pig like squeal emerged from his mouth.

At the same time his cock delivered 5 spurts of semen into the rubber tube. The semen slid quickly down the smooth tube into the glass vial. A second later another electric charge was sent thru the anal probe and then another.

The fourth charge resulted in a mostly dry orgasm which increased Jim’s pain. Tears of frustration, humiliation and anger escaped from his clenched eyes and his breath was coming in gasps.

The probe was removed, the repeated charges caused his ass to secret thin mucous which started to trickle down his ass crack and drip onto the floor. As his mind cleared, Jim realized the probe had been removed and Morelike was again stroking his face.

“You did well Jimmy. This should be enough for our initial testing.”

The doctor moved down lower on Jim’s body. His grabbed Jim’s right ball stuck a syringe into the ball and injected the contents into the testicle.

Jim’s screech was even louder than during the prostate stimulation. The doctor repeated the procedure to Jim’s left ball.

“This will increase your sperm production. Don’t be concerned if your balls burn or grow larger that is a normal result of this treatment.”

The doctor and his white coated assistants left the room with the vial of semen. Jim’s handlers came over, removed the rubber tube and wiped Jim’s cock clean of lubricant.

As they removed his restraints, Jim lay still & quiet. Physically he was in pain and mentally he could hardly comprehend what he had been subjected to by his enemies. He was pulled to his feet and led by the leash back to the stables.

Jim was put in a chair and the arm braces were fastened down. His handler oiled his feet and legs and pulled on his pony boots. They were highly polished black leather. Inside they were fitted so his heels were held higher than his toes. This allowed the boots to be shorter than a normal boot and to more closely resemble a pony’s hoof. They were lased tightly in the front and came up about mid-calf on his legs. Once his pony boots were fastened, blinders were attached to his harness and some small bells were hung on his nipple rings. Tight leather gloves were pulled on his hands.

Once they got him back up on his feet they told him to squat so that a butt plug with a horse tail attached could be inserted into his ass. Jim started to struggle as he felt the butt plug against his asshole. It had a thin end with a rubber ball which would keep the plug in place once it went past his sphincter. The tail attached was a couple feet long with long a thin pole holding genuine horse hair.

Once of the handler rubbed his ass to calm him.

“Come on now Jimmy, be a good boy. This is going in your ass whether you like it or not. You relax your butthole and it will be easier for you”

A hard shove and the plug was in place, Jim strained to try and force the ball out of his ass.

“Just settle down now Jimmy. Relax and let yourself get used to the feeling of your tail. If you do push it out we’ll just put a bigger ball on there and that is really going to hurt going in. It might even tear your ass muscle.”

Jim realized he had no choice and tried to get used to the feeling of his ass being stuffed. The men gave him a couple minutes to adjust before they walked him to the door, his nipple bells ringing with his every movement. They held on his outstretched arms to steady him. Walking in his pony boots was almost like wearing ladies’ high heels so Jim’s balance was not really good.

Right outside the door was his wagon. They backed him between the handles and attached his arm braces. The braces forced his body into a tilted forward position which allowed Jim to make the best use of his leg muscles to move the wagon.

A thin boy of about 18 or 19 sat on the wagon seat. The handlers attached reins too his harness and handed the other end to the wagon.

“Take Jimmy down to the quarry and get the wagon filled.”

“Now Jimmy you behave for Colin or we’ll get your buddy Artie brought over here and beat the flesh right off his ass. The Doc wants you to do a good day’s work.”

Colin pulled the reins tight which made Jim lift his head. Then he flicked the reins and Jim moved forward, it was a small wagon and he found it pretty easy to pull. The road down to the quarry was a pretty gradual grade and being fastened to the wagon rails helped Jim keep his balance but his feet quickly started to ache from being held in their odd position. At the bottom of the quarry several men loaded the wagon with small stones.

The blinders prevented Jim from seeing anything that was not directly in front of him. Once the wagon was loaded, Jim started up the quarry road. He found it hard going to pull the full wagon but not impossible.

Colin guided the trip with firm pulls on the reins. At the top, the wagon was unloaded and they started back down. After three round trips Jim was exhausted, covered in sweat and he was finding it hard to breath.

His nostrils were clogged with dust from the quarry and his mouth was incredible dry although a water boy had washed it out each time his wagon was unloaded. His handlers were waiting and had him pull the empty wagon to the stable yard. They released his arm braces from the wagon and led him into the stable. Jim wondered what else was in store for him and how the day could be any worse than it had been up to now.

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