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East is West
Part 6 - Jim Gets Away
By swphillyboi

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East is West 6 - Jim Gets Away

The guards left the room laughing. Harold helped Jim up onto the treatment table. He used the warm soapy water to remove the heavy oil from Jim’s skin. It was not easy to remove. Jim occasionally squirmed as Harold scrubbed away the oil and glitter.

Once the heavy oil was gone Harold took a warm cloth infused with some of Dr Morelike’s drugs and put it over Jim’s face. Just as he planned, Jim took some deep breaths and drifted off from full awareness. Harold put on rubber gloves and a face mask as he anointed Jim with oil that had been infused with more drugs. This time female hormones have also been added to help smooth Jim’s skin.

Harold also spent quite a bit of time rubbing the oil over Jim’s engorged nipples. The female hormones should help with the development of Jim’s breast tissue. The warm oil being massaged into his nipples had Jim moaning & squirming. His dick started to harden.

Harold worked his way up Jim’s legs with the oil. At the junction of his thighs Harold took a finger coated with oil and pushed it into Jim’s crinkled, pink asshole. He moved the finger around and was sure to apply oil to the prostate. Jim’s dick hardened a little more.

Once Harold was done applying the oil he covered Jim’s body with a sheet and went out into the hall. He pulled off the gloves and face mask and place them in a metal container in the hall. He and the guards chatted and smoked cigars while Jim cooked in the drugged oil.

Eventually Harold walked back into the room. He uncovered Jim who had a goofy smile on his face and a rock hard cock. Harold gently stroked the side of Jim’s face.

“How you feeling buddy?”

“I feel good. You always take good care of me. You’re the only decent guy here in this hellhole.”

Harold smiled and looked down at Jim’s midsection.

“Jim, buddy, look like you have an issue that needs taking care of.”

Jim looked down at his crotch and blushed with embarrassment. He moved his hands to cover his erection. Harold chuckled.

“Jim, it’s not your fault. It’s the stuff that Morelike has injected into your balls. You just need to take care of it.”

Harold grabbed a breaker off the cart beside the table.

“Here use this we don’t want cum all over the place. Try and put this over the end of your dick when you shoot.”

Jim tried to sit up on his own but wasn’t able to do it, still partially under the influence of the drugs. Standing behind him, Harold smiled. The doctor’s drugs really did their job. Jim was really fucked up and somewhat unaware what happening.

Harold boosted Jim to a sitting positon and straddled the table behind him to support Jim’s back. Jim spit on the palm of his hand and grabbed his dick. As Jim started to stroke his erection, Harold placed his hands over Jim’s nipples and gently rubbed them. Jim moaned and pushed his chest against Harold’s hands the pain & pleasure melding together.

It wasn’t long before Jim grabbed the beaker with his free hand and held it at the end of his dick. His piss slit opened wide as several spurts of semen pumped into the beaker. It was almost like Jim’s body took a quick rest before more semen spurted into the beaker.

Harold was impressed by the quantity of semen Jim produced. The stuff they injected into Jim’s balls was sure stepping up sperm production. Even without the electric shocks to Jim’s prostate he was able to produce at least twice as much semen as a normal ejaculation.

Harold grabbed the beaker from Jim and let him lay back down on the treatment table. He took the beaker out in the hall and handed it to a guard who rushed it to Dr Morelike in the lab.

He walked back into the room and looked down at a drugged Jim lying on the table. Jim’s eyes were unfocused and a little drool escaped form the corner of his mouth. Harold chuckled but Jim seemed not to notice.

“Let’s get you into bed.”

Jim clung to Harold as he was led across the room and tucked into bed. Harold gave Jim a glass of drugged apple cider to drink and fastened Jim’s ankle ring to the wall chain. With the amount of drugs in Jim’s system he should be out for several hours so Harold left the room.

Jim slowly came awake. He looked around the room through half opened eyes. It took him a moment to remember where he was before reality crashed in to his mind. He quickly sat up but felt dizzy and put his head in his hands. When he swung his legs out of bed, so he could sit up, he felt the weight of the chain on his ankle ring.

He vaguely remembered masturbating and shooting his cum into a beaker. He looked around the room to see if he saw the beaker. As he positioned himself on the edge of the bed his nipple rings moved and reminded Jim how sensitive his nipples were. He put his hand on his right nipple and gasped at the feeling of pain and pleasure. His felt his dick jerk and quickly moved his hand away.

Meanwhile Harold had arrived back from working with Morelike in the lab. He walked into the room and Jim turned quickly to see who it was. Jim’s nipple rings bounced again but he fought off the desire to touch his sensitive nipples.

Harold had something white in his hands as he walked towards Jim.

“Here Jim. I was able to get some pants for you to wear. I know it must be embarrassing to be naked all the time.”

Jim stood up a little unsteady for a moment but reached out for the pants. He quickly pulled them on, glad to have something to hide his half hard cock from view. The pants were light and gauzy and had a cloth drawstring that Jim pulled tight and tied in a bow. Jim was disappointed that the pants clearly showed the bump at his groin caused by his semi hard cock.

Harold moved to the corner of the room farthest from the door and waved Jim over.

“Jim, I’ve been able to talk with some people I trust and I think we can get you out of here, maybe as early as tomorrow night.”

“Oh my god, that’s great. Are you sure we can trust these people?”

Harold looked hurt.

“Jim buddy, I would never endanger you by talking to people I don’t trust completely. I told you there are some folks here that are feeling very uneasy about Dr Morelike.

Quite a few people I spoke with were pretty upset the way he made the guards walk you through the compound with all that make-up on you. They were shocked when I told them some of it was permanent tattoos.”

Jim thought to himself that he hadn’t seen any sympathetic looks on anyone’s face as he was pulled though the compound. He hoped that Harold wasn’t being taken advantage of but Jim realized he really didn’t have any options. He needed to take any chance to get out of here before he and Artie were hurt or modified even more.

“So what’s the plan?”

“There is a group of women who work in the kitchens here. They are brought up from town each morning and taken back home in the evening. One of my friends has a gypsy woman that lives with her and works here in the kitchen.

The gypsy has earrings that look like the ones in your ears. She always wears a head scarf so that will cover your head. She is a deaf mute so no one expects her to talk. The night guard, on your door, always has supper delivered to him right before the last wagon of women is taken home.

The guard on duty tomorrow night has been reported asleep on the job twice before. My friend and the gypsy will put a sleeping draught in his coffee. Once he is asleep they’ll use his keys to unlock the door and your ankle chain. Everyone will think he just feel asleep on the job again.

The gypsy will have clothes under her dress and someone will be waiting in the woods to take her to town on horseback. You’ll wear the gypsy dress and get driven to my friend’s home. She and her husband will hide you for a couple days until we can get you out of town safely.”

Jim nodded.

“Why can’t I get out of town right away?”

“It’s too dangerous. Your escape will probably be discovered quickly and Dr Morelike has sentries on all the rods in and out of town. After a few days we can get you on a train.”

Jim thought for a moment.

“Could someone get me into the telegraph office? I know how to send a telegram, I could notify Washington by code.”

Harold shook his head.

“That office is guarded 24 hours a day. The Doctor has to okay any message before it is sent. There is always at least a day’s delay. Jim you have to trust us to know what’s best. We’re taking a huge chance in helping you.”

“I know Harold! I really appreciate and I assure you that you’ll all be rewarded. President Grant will see to that!”

The door opened and a couple of guards walked into the room. They looked over at Jim & Harold and laughed.

“Jimmie, those are nice pants. They remind me of my wife’s under drawers. Looks like you might be growing some tittes, are you growing a pussy as well?”

Harold looked over at the guards and winked before he asked them what they wanted. Jim looked at the cloth belt around the waist of these pants and thought they did indeed resemble women’s drawers.

“Harold, the Doctor asked for you to come to his lab. He needs to talk to you.”

Harold turned to Jim and said he would be back as soon as possible. The other two guards came into the room carrying clubs.

“Behave now Jimmie. We don’t want to use these clubs.”

The first two guards came over and fastened Jim’s wrist behind his back before attaching his ankle rings to each other. They undid the belt on Jim’s pants and let them fall to his ankles.

The other guards put down their clubs and pulled a chair from behind a curtain. The seat of the chair had a smooth wooden knob attached to it. They brought it over and forced Jim to sit on the chair. The knob pushed into his asshole and Jim grunted. They took a length of rope and tied Jim’s wrist to the bottom rung of the chair which prevented him from standing.

Jim grunted again when the rope was pulled tight and his wrists pulled down painfully. He glared at the guards but didn’t say anything. He tried to concentrate on the fact that tomorrow he would be freed from these animals and the insane Dr Morelike.

A guard grabbed Jim’s nipple rings and gave them a tug. Jim couldn’t hold back his shout of surprise and pain which made all four guards laugh.

Two guards leaned over and covered Jim’s nipples with their mouth. They sucked gently and used their tongues to play with his rings. Jim tried hard to keep control but he could feel his cock stiffen. He couldn’t understand this new connection between his swollen nipples and his dick.

A third guard got down on his knees and licked Jim’s swollen scrotum. Jim’s testicles had gotten so large that the guard could only fit one at a time in his mouth. Jim squirmed on the chair which caused the knob to press against his prostate and his dick got harder with each squirm.

The fourth guard put some lotion on his hand and started to stroke Jim’s cock. He moved the foreskin back and forth over the head of the dick. Jim asked them to stop but the guard playing with Jim’s dick told him to just sit back and enjoy it.

The guards with their mouths on Jim’s nipples moved their tongues quickly back & forth over the tips of his nipples. Jim’s breath started coming in gasps. His body stiffened as he got close to shooting his load. The guard was able to grab an empty beaker and catch the cum as it forcefully spurted out of Jim’s dick.

Jim was taking deep breaths as his body relaxed. Unfortunately all four guards continued what they were doing. Like many men, Jim’s dick was sensitive just after orgasm. He begged the guards to stop but they paid no attention.

They were able to coax out two more loads from Jim. By the time they were done Jim’s body was covered with sweat. After the third load an attendant dressed in white came in with two syringes and he injected each of Jim’s balls as Jim shrieked in pain.

As a parting gift the guards pulled his foreskin over the head of Jim’s cock and snapped a metal clip on the gathered skin to keep the foreskin in place. The clip pinched the end of Jim’s sensitive dick and he couldn’t help screaming in pain. The guards left laughing and wishing Jim a good night.

Harold was out on the hall waiting for the guards to be done with Jim. He told one of the guards to take the beaker with Jim’s semen to Dr Morelike in the lab. He waited a few moments to make sure he could keep the smile off his face before walking into the hospital room.

Tears of pain were running down Jim’s face and mingling with the sweat on his chest. He was taking deep breathes trying to deal with the pain. Harold hurried across the room and gently removed the clip.

“Jim I’m so sorry. I just can’t disobey a summons from Dr Morelike.”

He walked behind Jim and released his wrists. Jim brought his arms forward and rotated his shoulders to relieve the stiffness as Harold freed his ankles. Jim cautiously lifted himself off the wooden knob and stood up. He bent down to pull his pants back up around his waist.

Jim grabbed Harold’s arm.

“Please, please get me out of here and away from these animals. I can’t take much more of this.. I can’t understand how my body can react to men this way. I just can’t take it!”

Harold put his arm around Jim’s shoulders.

“Tomorrow Buddy, tomorrow.”

Jim nodded and managed a small smile. A short time later Jim’s dinner was delivered and Harold left for the evening. Jim was relieved to be left in peace until he went to sleep.

The next day Jim’s luck held and he was left in peace. He couldn’t help himself from masturbating twice to relieve the ache in his swollen balls.

He saw very little of Harold but was happy when Harold gave him a thumbs up the last time he left Jim’s room. After his dinner tray was removed Jim sat on the edge of the bed waiting anxiously for the escape plan to start.

He tensed when he heard voices in the hall. A short time later he heard a metal cup hit the floor and the room to his door opened. Two women came inside.

The woman with the dusky complexion pulled her dress over her head. The other woman came over to Jim and unlocked his ankle chain.

“Mr East, we have to move fast before someone sees that guard asleep in the hall. My name is Cora.”

She pulled a bottle out of her pocket and handed it to Jim.

“Here put this dark makeup on your face and hands.”

Jim did as he was told. The other woman took a wide, dark pencil and outlined Jim’s eyes. She also pulled a dark wig out of her blouse and pulled that down over Jim’s head. He could feel the sweat from the wig coat his bare head. She pulled the scarf off her head and fastened it under Jim’s chin. Jim was sure he saw something moving in the woman’s hair and there were clearly some white eggs stuck to her hair.

He just kept telling himself he would be free soon. As he lifted the dress over his head the odor brought him close to vomiting. He looked over at the first woman.

“Isn’t there a clean dress I could wear?”

She looked annoyed.

“Just where do you think we’d get a clean dress. And who would leave after a day working in the hot kitchen with a clean dress. Mr East if you want to get away from here just put on the dress and Roma’s shoes. She needs to get out of here and meet my husband in the woods.”

Jim did as he was told. Roma left and Jim followed Cora into the hall. She relocked the door and returned the keys to the guards pocket.

“Mr East, keep your eyes down. Don’t look anyone in the face. The wagon should be ready to go when we get downstairs. Don’t say anything and don’t react to anything anyone else says.”

They walked down to the kitchen and were told to hurry out to the wagon. Everyone was waiting for them.

The guards at the kitchen door smiled at Cora who suppressed the giggle that invoked. She and Jim found seats on the benches in the back of the wagon. When they got to Cora’s house they got out of the wagon.

Once inside Jim shucked off the dress, pulled off the wig and toed off Roma’s shoes. He was relieved not to have much hair on his body so the lice wouldn’t have anywhere to breed.

Cora pushed on a section of the kitchen wall and it opened to reveal a narrow circular staircase. She led the way up to the attic. It was a large open space with a small window in the rear of the house. There was an old mattress with a stained sheet in one corner of the room.

“This is where you need to stay for a few days until things settle down and we can figure out how to get you out of town.”

She showed him a hidden door that led to a dark narrow space under the eaves of the roof.

“If you ever hear strange voices coming up the stairs get in here. Hopefully they won’t find you. My husband Seth or I will announce ourselves when we are coming up from the kitchen.”

Cora pointed to a bucket that was filled with water and had a ladle hanging from the side. There was also an old metal chamber pot.

“There’s your water supply. It’s warm up here now but in the daytime it will be really hot. Make sure you drink water. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Cora disappeared down the stairs and Jim sat on the mattress. Relief spread through his body. He could hardly believe he got away from Dr Morelike. Another day or two and he could leave this hellish place forever.

He lay down to try and sleep but his balls ached too much. Jim pulled down his pants, spit in his hand and went to work. He did his best to catch the cum in his hand. He scrapped as much cum as he could into the chamber pot. Seeing no alternative he licked his hands clean. He took a ladle of water, swirled it around in his mouth and spit it into the pot.

Jim drank a couple ladle of the metallic tasting water before returning to the mattress. It took him some time to fall asleep in the warm, airless attic. He dreamed of being back in Washington and resuming a normal life.

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