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East is West
Part 7 - The Unkindness of Strangers
By swphillyboi

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East is West 7 - The Unkindness of Strangers

Jim was awakened the next morning by a voice calling up the stairs.

“Mr East, this is Seth, Cora’s husband, I bringing your breakfast up to you.”

Jim sat up. His crotch felt oddly sticky, his pants partially stuck to him as he sat up. He reached down in his pants and realized he had cum in his pants during the night. Jim hadn’t had a “wet dream” since he was a teenager.

His pants were stained and he was embarrassed that a hard-on caused a very obvious tent in the pants. Seth came up into the attic. He looked over at Jim and grinned at the condition of his pants.

“Here is some oatmeal for your breakfast. Cora and Roma are on the early shift today so they left already. There are patrols out all over town. Be sure you stay away from the windows and don’t leave the attic.

I also brought some fruit for you to eat for lunch and some water to top off your bucket. That piece of tin in the corner covers a pipe that leads to the cesspool in the back of the house. You can empty your slop pot down there. Put a couple ladles of water down after you empty your slops so they move down the pipe.”

Jim nodded.

“Any idea when I can get out of here. I need to contact Washington as soon as possible!”

“I just told you there are patrols out all over town. We can’t trust anyone. No one speaks out publically about Dr Morelike. He has a strong base of support since he reopened the quarry. Lots of town folks work out there, including my wife and me.

You have to stay up here, out of sight, until things quiet down. One of our next door neighbors has a management job at the quarry, he is a big supporter of Dr Morelike. That is why you have to stay hidden. That neighbor will report anything suspicious. I know you abandoned your friend but if you do anything that puts us in danger you’ll really be on your own.

Looks like you got some immediate issues to work on, so I’ll leave you alone.”

Seth took a final look at Jim’s midsection and grinned again before turning back towards the stairs.

Jim was annoyed when Seth talked about him abandoning Artie, he knew he had no choice. This was their chance to get rescued. He thanked Seth for his help. Seth responded with a grunt.

Jim felt like he needed to step lightly here. It seemed to him that Seth did not completely support helping Jim escape. Jim pulled off his pants, spit on his hand and masturbated. He shot his load into his already stained pants.

He ate the oatmeal before he did anything with the pants. The oatmeal was very bland, really needed some sugar to give it some taste. Jim walked over to the water bucket and drank several ladles of water.

He ladled some water onto his pants in an attempt to clean the cum off them before draping them over a rafter to dry. He bypassed the slop bucket and pissed directly down the waste pipe. He laid back down on the mattress which stunk of piss, sweat and who knew what else. The attic heat was climbing and Jim was covered in sweat,

His scrotum skin was pulled taunt by his swollen balls. They ached less if he held them in his hand. It wasn’t long before he had another erection. Jim walked over to the slop bucket and jerked off, he managed to get most of his load into the slop pot. He put a couple ladles of water into the pot and emptied the contents down the waste pipe.

Jim returned to the mattress. He felt like he was in an oven as the heat in the attic continued to rise. He moved the water bucket closer to the mattress so he didn’t have to get up to get a drink. As the heat became almost unbearable Jim fell into a stupor.

The water in the bucket was warm and tasted of metal but Jim continued to drink it. He wasn’t sure if it was the taste of the water or the heat that made him feel so nauseous. He decided that it was probably a combination of the two things. He did manage to eat the fruit Seth had brought up that morning.

It was late afternoon before Cora and Roam returned to the house. Cora called up to him but Jim was too exhausted and sick at his stomach to get up off the mattress. His pants were still hanging over a rafter but the women had seen him naked before so he didn’t even consider putting on the pants.

Roma put a full bucket of water beside the mattress before picking up the empty one and going back downstairs. Cora urged Jim to drink more water and asked him if he needed anything. Jim asked about coming down to at least the second floor of the house away from the attic heat. Cora said they couldn’t take the chance of someone seeing him.

After she left Jim did drink some water. Straight out of the well it was cold and hadn’t picked up the taste of the bucket yet. He started to feel a little better. Jim wasn’t sure how many more days like this he could stand. There had to be some way for him to get out of town.

By the time Cora and Roma returned with his dinner of chicken & dumplings the sun was lower in the sky. The attic had cooled somewhat, still hot but not stifling. Jim had donned his pants still stained at the crotch.

Jim questioned Cora about possibly sneaking out of town once it was dark. She warned him that the patrols were still very visible in town. When he said he was willing to chance it Cora became very upset and said he would endanger them if he was caught.

Despite Jim’s assurances that he would never disclose their role in his escape Cora was adamant about him remaining hidden. Cora reminded him about Morelike’s drugs. She said that Jim would be forced into revealing how he escaped and who hid him.

“I know you left your friend behind. There are many stories floating around out at the quarry about what has happened to him. Seth and I won’t let you put us in danger. We are willing to help you but not at the expense of our lives.”

Once again Jim was annoyed at the mention of leaving Artie behind. He wanted to explain it wouldn’t help either him or Artie if Jim remained Morelike’s prisoner. Jim was afraid Cora’s support was waning so he said nothing.

That night when Jim felt sure that the other occupants of the house were asleep he went down the stairs. It was pitch black in the stairway but Jim took his time and felt along the way. He had to get out of town.

When he got to the bottom of the stairs Jim felt along the doorjamb to find the release. He smiled when he felt it but no matter what he did the door would not open. Frustrated Jim tried to force the door open but he couldn’t get it to budge.

Slowly he made his way back up to the attic and flopped down on the mattress. They must lock the door somehow. Jim felt as much like a prisoner as he did when he was at the quarry.

When Seth brought up his breakfast, Jim confronted him.

“Why am I locked in here? I thought you wanted to help me, not keep me a prisoner!”

“The only way you would know the door was locked was if you tried to leave. We have warned you about the patrols in town. I can see you don’t give a shit about anybody but yourself. Dr Morelike sold that friend of yours because you escaped.

I’ll be damned if I let you put me and my wife on an auction block. You selfish son of a bitch!”

A furious Jim launched himself at Seth who smashed the bowl of oatmeal against the side of Jim’s head. Jim worn down by spending time on the stifling attic and lack of sleep went down on one knee. Seth swung the bucket filled with water against Jim’s side which knocked him to the floor.

Seth went to the top of the stairs before turning to look at Jim trying to get back on his feet.

“I’m beginning to think Dr Morelike has the right idea about you. You don’t care about anybody but yourself. I’m going to let Harold know that I’m done with you. He’ll have to find somewhere else for you hide out or take you back to the quarry. As far as I’m concerned the doctor can have you back to do whatever he wants with you!”

Jim heard Seth hurry down the stairs and slam the door at the bottom. He decided that he had to make a break for it. He had to get out of this house now. He used the sheet off the bed to clean the oatmeal off his head and went down the stairs.

He cautiously tried the door and was surprised to find it unlocked. He looked around the kitchen which was empty. He needed to find some clothes. He would be quickly spotted wearing just these gauzy stained pants. He went through the house always on the lookout for Seth but it appeared to be empty.

Jim went up the stairs to the second floor and found Cora & Seth’s bedroom. He looked through the closet and bureau drawers for some appropriate clothes. Unfortunately Seth was a large hulking man and his clothes looked stupid on Jim. No matter how tight Jim belted Seth’s pants he could not keep them from falling off him.

He finally decided it might be better to dress as a woman. Patrols would be looking for a man. He tired on a dress and found it fit pretty well but was a little short. He found a pair of black silk socks among Seth’s things and pulled those on. Jim sorted through shoes in the closet and found a pair of Cora’s that didn’t hurt his feet too much.

Jim tied a scarf around his head and put a straw sunhat with a wide brim over that. He was delighted to find some money hidden in a bureau drawer. Hopefully he could get to another town and be able to pay for a telegram and buy a train ticket. Jim looked in the mirror and thought he wasn’t as good at disguises as Artie and he needed to keep his distance from people. He hoped Seth was wrong about Dr Morelike punishing Artie for Jim’s escape.

How could Morelike sell Artie? Slavery was outlawed, it wasn’t that long ago that the war was fought that outlawed slavery. Jim couldn’t worry about Artie now, once he got out of this town he could get help.

Once he was back downstairs Jim looked out the windows and didn’t see anyone patrolling the area. He went out the back door and spotted a shed behind the house, maybe there was something in there he could use as a weapon.

The door has a padlock on it so Jim picked up a rock and hit the lock a couple time trying to get it to open. A woman from the house next door came outside and yelled at Jim.

“Hey! Who are you and what are you doing by Cora’s shed?”

Jim heard another door open and someone asking the woman next door what was going on.

“Somebody is trying to break into Cora and Seth’s shed. I’m going to get my husband’s shotgun!”

Deciding he better get away while he could, Jim started running towards the woods at the back of the property. He could other voices behind him and more talk of guns so he was happy when he reached the woods without any gunfire.

There were no path through the woods so Jim had to slow down. He could still hear yelling behind him and there was some talk of bloodhounds being brought. Jim moved as quickly as he could through the woods.

The woods gave way to swamp that stretched as far as Jim could see. The water near the edge seemed shallow so Jim quickly pulled off his shoes and socks and stepped into the water. This would keep any bloodhounds from following his scent.

The quarry was south of town so after checking the position of the sun Jim walked north. He hoped to find the railroad tracks and follow those to the next town. The water got a little deeper and the bottom of the dress he was wearing got wet. Jim tried to hold it up out of the water with one hand while he held the shoes and socks in the other.

He felt something brush against one leg and looked down to see a snake glide past him in the water. Looking to his side he saw two other snakes and decided he needed to get out of the water.

The bank was steeper here. Jim attempted to climb up while still holding the shoes and socks in one hand. The clay bank was slippery. Jim tried to get a foothold in the clay as he reached for a tree root to pull himself up. The root broke off and Jim fell back into the water. As he scrambled to his feet he let go of the socks and shoes.

The water where he fell was deeper and was up to chest when Jim managed to stand. There was a sludgy mix of mud, leaves and who knows what on the bottom. Jim felt around with his feet to try and find the shoes and socks. He managed to find one shoe but the other shoe and socks seem to have disappeared.

Since one shoe was no help Jim left it in the swamp and climbed up the bank using both hands. By the time he got to the top he was covered in mud. He sat on a log to try and collect his thoughts and suddenly realized he managed to disturb a nest of yellow jackets. Jim got a couple stings in the ass before he started to run. The dress he was wearing caught on some thorns and ripped.

Once he was sure the yellow jackets were gone Jim stopped to catch his breath and get his bearings. He saw some smoke rising above the trees a short distance away. He decided to check it out.

As cautiously as possible Jim worked his way closer to where the smoke was coming from. He saw a couple unpainted shacks and a pen with some pigs but no one seemed to be around. As he crouched in the bushes and thought about his next move Jim felt a hard metal object push against his neck.

“What ya looking at little lady?”

Jim didn’t bother to try and change his voice as he answered.

“I didn’t know anyone lived back here.”

“Turn yuself around so I can get a look at ya.”

Jim turned around, the guy with the gun looked him up & down and couldn’t figure out what he was seeing. He reached down and grabbed the collar of the dress Jim was wearing and ripped it down the front. He was still confused.

“What the fuck are ya? Er ya a man or womun?”

“I’m a man. I’ve been kept a prisoner and there’s a crazy guy who did this stuff to me. I’m a government agent. If you help me get to the next town I can see that you get a reward.”

The man looked Jim up and down before calling out.

“Cage get ya ass out here and see what I dun found.”

Another man came out of the shack. Looking Jim over, he looked confused and turned to his brother.

“Who ere this?”

“Well it claims te be a man but with them rings and the little titties, I ain’t really sure.”

The man with the gun waved it towards the door to the shack. Jim started that way but Cage stopped him from going inside.

“We dun’t want all this here durt inside. Suck off them duds.”

Jim started to protest but Cage quickly backhanded him across the face. He heard the click of the shotgun trigger behind him so Jim didn’t retaliate. He let the ripped dress fall to the ground and undid the belt of the pants he was wearing. He stepped out of them and pulled off the hat and scarf.

Cage started to laugh.

“Well Perry, this thang got some little titties but got itself a hard dick and a big ass sit a balls. I figure him might be sum kinda haf an haf.”

Both men laughed. Cage grabbed one of Jim’s nipple rings and pulled him into the dark shack which stunk of cooking and animals. Several dogs ran over to sniff at Jim. One dog licked at Jim’s dick until Cage slapped him away.

Perry told Jim to put his hand behind his back. Cage got some rope and used Jim’s wrist rings to fasten his arms behind his back.

Perry put his shotgun in a gun case and walked over to Jim.

“Kneel hafy.”

Jim awkwardly got down on his knees. Perry undid his pants and pulled out his cock. Jim did his best not to choke at the foul smell coming from the man’s crotch.

“I figure you know what to do hafy. I feel any teeth en I’ll rip yurs out.”

Cage started to giggle as Jim unwillingly opened his mouth. Perry tasted of dirt and piss but Jim dutifully sucked, swirling his tongue under the foreskin. Perry grabbed Jim’s earring and pulled his face into his smelly pubic hair.

Jim felt Cage’s rough hand close around his cock and roughly started to jerk him off. Cage used nothing to lubricate his hand and his grip was too tight but Jim could feel himself get close to cumming.

Cage’s other hand started to pull on one of Jim’s nipple ring. That was all it took for Jim to start shooting onto the dirt floor of the shack. At the same time his mouth was filled with Perry’s load. Perry kept Jim’s face buried in his pubes so Jim had to swallow before Perry released him.

“That wer real nice hafy. I kin tell ya know what yur doin. That warn’t yur first blow job.”

Both brothers laughed again. Cage undid his pants and walked in front of Jim.

“Hafy we dun’t have no paper to clean our asses so ya can do it fer me.”

Cage turned his back to Jim and presented his large hairy ass to him. Perry pushed Jim forward so his face was right in Cage’s ass. Jim still held back until he felt something cold and sharp against his dick.

“Ya start lickin my brother’s arse or I’ll cut ya dick right off.”

Jim started licking at the filthy ass crack. Cage wasn’t kidding about not cleaning his ass. Dried shit stuck to the hairs surrounding his asshole. Jim felt his stomach start to rebel but he swallowed hard and continued to lick as Perry held his knife right against his dick.

Cage grunted and moaned with pleasure. After what seemed like hours to Jim but was really only about 15 minutes Cage stood up and turned around.

“You don good hafy. My arse feels nice and clean. I bit ya could do wit a drink a wudder.”

“Yes please. I could use some water. Thank you.”

Cage grabbed his dick.

“Open wide hafy.”

Jim was stunned and kept his mouth firmly closed. Perry moved his knife slightly and Jim could feel the tiny cut on the skin of his cock. He quickly opened his mouth and Cage let loose with a strong stream of pee, aiming at Jim’s mouth.

“Swaller now hafy, yur wanted a drink”

Jim did try and swallow but the piss came fast and he wasn’t able to keep up. Finally the stream stopped. Jim retched and brought up the cum and piss. Perry moved away to avoid being hit by the mess Jim threw up on the floor.

When Jim was done pushed his face down onto the floor.

“Ya made a mess! Lick it up.”

Jim shook his head.

“I can’t!”

Perry kicked him in the side.

“I say lick it up er I cut yur pecker off and shove it dun yur throat.”

Jim did as he was told and made the supreme effort to keep it down. He stayed on the floor curled in a ball. Cage and Perry masturbated over him and covered his head with their cum. After that both brothers pissed on him before they sat down to eat their supper.

The dogs came over to Jim and smelling the piss they both lifted their legs and peed on him. Perry scrapped the scraps from Cage’s plate onto his plate and put it down in front of Jim.

“Here sumthin for yur supper hafy. Eat up.”

The dogs were eyeing up the plate but Perry kept them away while Jim licked the contents of the plate. He tried not to even think about what he was eating. Once he was done Perry tied some rope to his collar and tied the other end to one of the posts that held up the shack’s roof.

Perry and Cage went out to check their traps. They left the dogs in the shack. If Jim even moved the dogs growled so he did his best to stay curled in a ball on the cold dirt floor.

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