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Chris Redfield Under The Big Top
Part 1 - Attack of the Mushworms
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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Resident Evil-Chris Redfield Under the Big Top

Part One-Attack of the Mushworms

Much of this story was inspired by the work of Iceman Blue, and so is dedicated to him with gratitude for the inspiration

Disclaimer: The story contains themes of male on male nonconsensual sex. The author in no way condones rape or torture. This is a fantasy only. If these themes do not interest you, or you are under eighteen you have no business reading this. If they are of interest to you as an adult reader, then please enjoy:



It was quiet, too quiet. Chris had spent the last two days cutting a swath of gore through a forest of mutants and zombies to reach the secret B.S.A.A T headquarters behind enemy lines.

This had once been a small but pleasant human city. With leafy boulevards connecting a series of formal manicured squares.

The only thing missing were the citizens, all of whom had fallen victim to the mutant horde, or fled.

Once the city was empty, the mutants moved on, and B.S.A.A.T had set up inside one of the abandoned buildings to launch their next attack against U.M.B.R.E.L.L.A corp. Chris was disappointed not to have been greeted by Luciani, Cohen, Kennedy, and his friend Piers Nivens.

They had arranged to meet in this square, before mustering for orders at headquarters

His men were the most reliable and capable team of heroes known to be assembled it wasn’t like them to be late.

He lifted his oversized hand to the headset and spoke quietly, his rough masculine voice reduced to a wary hush

“Piers! Leon.!. report to meeting point”

There was still no response. Something was wrong.

He scanned the area from behind his dark aviator glasses.

He sat down on a marble bench to check his weapons

Something small moved just out of the corner of his eye.

His dark brow furrowed.

Something else, small and quick, darted from the other side.

Finally he spotted a small sort of mushroom, growing between a crack in the paving stones. It was something he had not seen before.

Another small movement pulled his eye away, and when he turned back. The sinewy little thing had snuck a bit closer.

He caught sight of another just by his foot. It must be some sort of succulent. Some interior liquid seemed to make it pulse and wriggle slightly.

Looking back across the square he noticed hundreds of these little suckers had sprouted around the bench.

He looked back at the first one he spotted. It seemed to be stretching up to greet him, like a child on tiptoe.

There was something kind of cute about the little thing, but he was still wary.

He felt something on his left foot. One of the little worm mushrooms had made its way onto his shoe. A few dozen more had joined him on the bench. Another was inch-worming its way up his inner right thigh, leaving a warm shimmering slime in it’s wake.

“Enough!” said Chris patiently to the little creatures.

He tried to stand, but found himself slimed to the bench. These things weren’t as harmless as they seemed to be at first sight.

The little fuckers were unexpectedly strong. They had grown together to form bonds around his wrists triceps and neck, which were pulling him backward on the bench.

He strained his torso upward struggling to break free. Somehow his shirt had been pushed up exposing his massive pectorals undulating in their Lilliputian grasp.

If only he could reach his gun.

Two of them latched onto his pert erect nipples like lampreys. The painwas unbearably sharp, but also sent an electric ticklish erotic vibe to his brain. As if of their own accord his man tits pushed themselves upward to receive the attack. He heard someone moaning, and realized it was his own voice.

Something about the slime that the creatures left in their wake was seeping into his skin and making him feel disoriented, a bit dizzy, and very aroused. He was rock hard! What were they doing to him?


His sizable hard cock and balls were released into the little worm’s massaging stranglehold. Within moments of entering the plaza, Chris Redfield, toughest bad-ass in the B.S.A.A.T. was the pinned down helpless captive of these damned little “mushworm” creatures.


He heard a rip, and realized they had torn the seam of his jeans apart to expose his helpless twitching hole. The little worms seemed to be nibbling at the hairs that ringed the tender pucker.


He looked up and realized that some of the worms seemed to be melding together into one giant worm.


The remaining worms pulled his legs up an apart. The giant worm was headed straight for his hole. He kicked against the little fuckers, and the movement allowed him to reach his gun. He blasted the growing creature, forcing it to momentarily retreat, an,d scattering the worms.

After minutes of undulating and writhing trying to get unglued from the bench, he managed to flip over face down and pushed himself upward. He slipped on the slime, and fell, chest-first, back down. His abused and sensitized nipples glued to the stone. Trying to extricate himself he managed to get his feet on the ground and pushed his firm round ass upward.


He did not notice the giant worm one again forming behind him.

He found himself unable to catch a breath before he realized he was engulfed in transparent pink goo. The creature had begun to absorb him like a giant amoeba. The viscous pink jelly filled his lungs but he did not suffocate. It apparently had enough oxygen to keep its victims alive, but something else, something narcotic in the slime rolled through him like a ticklish wave a dizzying buzz crashing though his ear drums and deep into his brain.

It pushed his thickly muscled pecs down into the bench, thrusting his exposed ass humiliatingly upward. Every nerve in his body became erotically charged. The creature seemed to grow hard tentacles within it that threatened to invade his mouth and pushed against his virgin hole.

No! Nothing went in there!

Chris desperately wriggled and writhed like a fish on a hook within his viscous prison.

A blinding flash of light and heat ripped through his world and his gelatinous attacker receded, strands of which still clung to his wrists and ankles still holding him in place. He could smell it burning.

He barely made out a voice through the ringing in his ears

“Sir! Sir!!! Are you okay?? “ A hand slapped his face snapping him back to reality “Redfield!!! Snap out of it soldier!”


To be Continued..

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