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Chris Redfield Under The Big Top
Part 2 - The Ringmaster
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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Resident Evil-Chris Redfield Under the Big Top

Part Two-The Ringmaster

Much of this story was inspired by the work of Iceman Blue, and so is dedicated to him with gratitude for the inspiration.

Disclaimer: The story contains themes of male on male nonconsensual sex. The author in no way condones rape or torture. This is a fantasy only. If these themes do not interest you, or you are under eighteen you have no business reading this. If they are of interest to you as an adult reader, then please enjoy:

Chris felt two powerful arms help him to his feet, and pull his arm around shoulders as broad as his own. He struggled to focus enough to make out the features of his rescuer.

The ruggedly handsome ginger giant, seemed to be speaking, but he could only make out fragments of words.

Something about the narcotic “worm-slime “which coated his gleaming muscles needing to be washed off immediately.

They entered the compound hospital. He was able to work out his savior’s apologies for this intimate treatment as he laid Chris down on a steel table to hosed the hunky hero down with soapy water and scrub every last bit of slime from his hard naked muscles.

Chris began to come to as the rough hands of his comrade finished washing away any residue left by the little rapists.


“I see you’re coming out of it. I’m sorry for this indignity, Captain, but the worm-slime those little bastards leave, seep into a man’s skin, and if left too long can drive him batshit crazy.

Chris muttered, as he came out of it.

“Wha.. what the fuck are those things?”

“We call the nasty little fucks ‘mush-worms’. They feed off the sexual energy of young men. Don’t worry, we’ve all had close calls with them. They get into air ducts, cracks in walls. Not everyone has been so lucky to get away from them.

The ginger giant introduced himself as he dried Chris off and helped him to his feet; “I’m Corporal Jared Stone. I’ve found a spare uniform for you. I hope it fits. Let’s get you dressed, and debriefed immediately. We have no time to loose”

Stone cleared his throat, and tightened his hand on his weapon:

“Before I give you your shooter back, sir, I need to know if you’re okay. Most of the unlucky dudes we pulled out from under the mush-worms, never fully recovered. They all started talking to some voice in their heads called “Mr. Twister” who told them to. well... do things. They became a danger to themselves and to the unit.“ Stone looked down “They had to be dealt with”

Stone looked into Redfield’s dark eyes with a pin light. He noticed flecks of green.

They ran through a series of questions to establish awareness of the time, current events, name, rank, serial number, until Stone was relatively satisfied.

“Now you’ve put me through catechism Stone, tell me what the hell is going on here? Where are my men?”

“This planet has dangers we did not expect, or have experienced before. Like the mush-worms. most of the mutants on this planet don’t kill. They want something else.

Sir, almost everything on this world seems to have a hunger for young men like us, the mutants, the undead, even plant life. Some of the victims consider what happened to them a fate worse than death. The qualities that make us stronger than our enemies, better soldiers, are what attracts them to us. They use our very masculinity as a weakness. For all of our fighting experience we found ourselves in battles we did not know how to fight”

“My men?”

Stone paused; ”Alive sir.”

Where are they?

“Get dressed Captain, and follow me”

Chris squeezed himself into the uniform. It fit, but just barely.

The green fabric strained to cover Chris’ overly muscled pecs, biceps and quads, which pulled it so tight it outlined his rippling abdominals and pert nipples.

The pants were not so successful. Pulled to near transparency by Redfield’s massive thighs, the ripe pert round melons of his hard muscle butt, and thick meaty cock, the fabric threatened to tear.

Suddenly Chris hear a voice from deep with his ears, or from very far away. Faint at first, mocking, shrill and effeminate, yet somehow familiar.

“Chri-is.. Chriiiiiisss”

The over worked seam in the back of his pants finally gave way, splitting just a little exposing a glimpse of his crack.

“Chriiisss” the voice sang “Never mind. That hole is too delicious to cover anyway.”

“Captain? Captain!!!.. You okay?”

Chris voice turned threatening “My weapons”

Stone paused again, and looking him warily in the eye.

“My weapons Stone!”

Jared reluctantly complied. He knew he had no choice.

“Sorry Captain, we’re the only ones left here. Your men, they had nearly killed off all of a hive of zombies, they chased the remaining few into a cave to finish them, but it was a trap.

It seemed like a good tip. Wesker said…”

“Wesker?? HERE??”


“He was sir, no one knows where he is. “ Your men entered the cave and were somehow teleported”


“Yeeessss Chrisss. Teleported”

Out of the corner of his eye, and only for a moment, Chris saw a bizarre figure dressed as a ghoulish version of an old- fashioned carnival ringmaster.

They had reached the main office of the deserted headquarters.

“There’s a mutant here, calling himself ‘The Ringmaster’. He’s transmitted the video you’re about to see. You better take a seat. This will be hard to watch”

Chris pulled a chair away from the desk. A ghoulish face materialized onto the seat of the chair.

“OOOooohh that’s meeeee Chris! I go by many names. ‘Ringmaster’ ‘Mister Twister”, and one you already know. It was little old me who got into the minds of the mushworm victims, and made all those men a little loopy”

The creature stuck out a long tongue and licked its lips in a slow circular manner.


“Yes, yes Chrissss…DOOOooo… take a seat”

Then was gone. Chris shook his head. That couldn’t have been real.


Chris pulled the chair out

“Wesker is dead Stone. I saw him die myself. He has become an undead mutant with an ability to shape shift. Whatever you met here wasn’t Wesker , and it isn’t to be trusted.”

The ring master sang in his ear; “Nooo Chrissss.. maybe it was more the real Wesker then he could ever be while still human. Hehehehe I should know”

Whatever trap my men were lead into, he was behind it. Now what do you know? Where are they?”

Stone clicked a remote.

The face that shimmered onto the screen was the same that flickered onto the seat of the chair. The voice was the same he’d been hearing in his head. He knew where he’d heard it. It was Wesker transformed into a ghoulish carnival barker with top hat, tattered jacket and rows of threatening teeth.

Stone’s attention was focused on the screen

Chris sat down to watch and immediately shot back up.

Something slimy, cold and wet shot up through the split seam of his trousers and up into his unsuspecting hole.

The sensation tore through his entire being like 2000 icy volts. His limbs and brain seemed to freeze. He found himself unable to pull away, fight, or even call Stone’s attention to his predicament. He slumped down on the chair barely able to whisper out a grunt.

“Mmm oooh yes Chris… yeeess.. oohhh so mmmm succulent… so delicious. Sit down. Squirm for me.. hmmmmm… thank you my beauty.. listen to the video.. listen to me. I will tell you how to free your men.. All you have to do is let me mmmmm sluuurrp savor this meaty round ass mmmmm ”


Chris placed his hands flat on the desk, struggling to hold his head up and focus on the screen. He had to learn how to save his men no matter what it took. He moaned softly. Stone did not appear to take notice. He could not help but do as this strange creature asked and squirm slowly. For the second time today, his body seemed not his own to control.

The tongue was rough like a cat’s. The temperature seemed to vary from sub zero to burning hot. It licked up and down the crack and varying speeds. It seemed to know, at every moment which exact movement would drive him closest to madness.

Stone had warned him. The life on this planet used his own rugged virility as a weapon against him.

He found it hard to breath. The Ringmaster’s tongue wormed its way deep into his bowels and back out. The fiend sucked, hummed, slurped, and blew in cold air. The tiny fangs, nibbled at the little hairs and sensitive skin that ringed the virgin orifice.

“How I dreamt of doing this to you when I was alive, and so much more I want to do to your helpless heroic body. Mmmm this hole is so beautiful. I will make a recording mm slurp .. of this and send it to your love; Jill, so she can see. Then she’ll know and understand how beautiful your hole is mmmm….. Now listen and learn how you can save your men”

The Ringmaster’s voice, which gloated into his hole, also spoke from the screen.

Carnival music played in the background.

“Ladies annnd Gentlemen!!! Step right up and witness the capture of the ravishing young B.S.S.A.T. team..mmmm hahahaha.. soon to be the ravished young B.S.S.A.T. team”

The scene shifted to the mouth of a cave, the battle-hardened studs entered the cave with professional precision, following every protocol for safety, discovered the hive and made quick work of them. The zombies seemed to be guarding something precious fighting ferociously to protect it, even though clearly outmatched. The last creature fell clutching it tightly in its claw.

Nivens carefully opened its bony talon to reveal what appeared to be a silicon computer chip made to look like a playing card, the ace of spades.

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen!!” The Ringmaster shouted.

“Yeessss, Chris” The Ringmaster whispered into Chris’ hole. “the ace of spades.. find the ace of spades”

“Laadddies aaand gentlemen! You see? There is nothing up my sleeve. Watch carefully, watch the card”

Nivens touched the card. A stream of light shot up through his arm and out through each men enveloping their muscular bodies and lifting them up into the air. The light increased into blinding intensity and then they were gone.

“Taaa daaaa!!!” But where did they go?” “Yeeess Chris where did they go?”

The on screen Ringmaster produced a book out of thin air, flipping the pages impossible fast and point dramatically at a passage. He read aloud.

“A device created and used by the darkest of Dark witches and wizards, those seeking immortality. In a horcrux, one conceals part of the soul to prevent death.. In order to do so, the soul must be torn into two places; one for the horcrux, and one that remains in the physical body. To create a horcrux, one must commit "the supreme act of evil" — murder, which "rips the soul apart." They must then perform a special spell which will harness their soul, allowing them to place it into an object at will.

The horcrux can also be used as a teleportation device, whether intentional or involuntary, and has appeared in multiple works of fiction, over time as bed knobs, ruby slippers, magic mirrors, even a wardrobe. In this case it’s the ace of spades”

“Yess Chrisssss mmmm the aaace of spaaades. Find the aaace of spaaades”

“They all have the same effect, to transport the subject for one place to each other whether the subject wills it or not. But the question is where are they?? Where are they indeed”

The Ringmaster held up a cloth over the screen and ripped it away again.

The B.S.S.A. were imprisoned with in a small cage, much like the kind of cage built to protectdivers from sharks. Much of their uniforms had been ripped away exposing hard muscular bodies. An endless cloud of obviously aroused mutants clawed at the cage, as the men fired into the crowd to fend them off. Kennedy had run out of ammunition and was fighting with a knife. They looked exhausted.

“They are almost out of ammunition. Mwahahaha. The are almost out of air. It’s not long before the mutants have their merry way with these brave beauties. Time is running out.”

“Yesss Chrissss. The Ringmaster cooed into Chris’ hole. Time is running out. Only you can save them. What are you willing to do to save?” What are you willing to sacrifice”

The on screen Ringmaster continued:

“These poor young hunk’s time is nearly up. Tsks tsk tsk.. what will these monsters do to their helpless hard bodies. Only the one called Redfield can save them. Only the one called Redfield can find the horcrux, and by touching it release them from their prison, and save them from a fate worse than death. Hurry Captain!!”

“Yes Chriss.. find the ace of spades.. save them Chris”

The on screen ringmaster began to cackle maniacally

‘And now for my next trick…Mwahahahahaha”

Overwhelmed by the erotic sensations shooting through his body, impaled on the Ringmaster’s fiendish tongue, Chris’ head fell on the desk. He could barely keep from passing out. His eyes closed and opened, each time to more horrific scene, he seemed helpless to stop.

He moaned piteously, causing Stone to turn away fro the screen


He opened his eyes, and seemed to see the Ringmaster step out of the screen behind Stone with a white rag in his hand.

The tongue worked his ass without pity. He closed and opened again, and watched the ghoul push the rag against the unsuspecting ginger stud’s nose and mouth. Stone struggled mightily but fell limp into the Ringmaster’s skeletal arms.


The tongue within his ass seemed to throb along with the beating of his heart. The voice deep in his bowels gloated.

“Yesss Chrissss. He has delivered his message and he is mine now. You are under my spell and cannot even lift your arm to save him. Mwahahahaha”

Chris could not stop his eyes from closing again.

The Ringmaster had stripped Stone naked . The Colonel’s sculpted helpless body bound and bent over the desk. Stone’s ass was like two perfect hard peaches, torn apart by the ghoul’s massive misshapen cock. His limp body jerked violently with every brutal thrust. It seemed to go on forever.

It took all of Chris will to reach for his gun, lift his hand, and shoot. The bullet went through the Ringmaster’s sunken chest the way a pebble sinks into a pond. It seemed to cause a slight ripple, but passed through without any damage.

“Yesss, Chrissss, that’s right SHOOOOT”

The intensity of the invasion of his ass reached a fever pitch, and has he fired gun, his dick shot seemingly endless ropes of cum,. At the same time the Ringmaster exploded into Stone’s ravaged hole, which overflowed with the monster’s seed down the victim’s perineum and legs.


Chris finally and mercifully passed out. He fell from the torture chair into a deep black slumber.

There was no way to know how long he slept, but a high-pitched giggle called him back to the surface. He woke to the Ringmaster standing over him, Stone’s limp form dangling over his shoulder, the big muscled boulders of his ass resting against the leering face of the mutant rapist. Cum still leaked from his ruined hole.


Chris struggled to stand and fight, but his limbs were not yet his own

“Thank you Captain Redfield for the unforgettable culinary experience. You were absolutely delicious! I look forward to dining in you again”

“You sick freak! I’ll kill you”

“That’s right Chris! Find me. Find me. Find the Ace of spades!”

The Ringmaster vanished and reappeared down a hallway that had suddenly opened in the wall, Colonel Stone still dangling over his shoulder.

His strength finally returned. Chris grabbed his weapon and shot down the hall. The Ringmaster vanished, only to reappear again further down. Chris made chase

“Find the ace of spades Chris!”

Chris tore down the hall in hot pursuit. The bullets seemed to have no effect. There was no use wasting ammo. If this freak was corpulent enough to rape a strong young man, then this freak could be beaten with young man’s fists.

The hall seemed to expand like a telescope pulling his quarry further away.

But the Ringmaster’s tricks were no match for Chris brute physical strength. Chris caught up to the rapist just as they entered a dark chamber. An incongruous baroque gilt mirror hung on the far wall.

Just as Chris was about to lunge, the Ringmaster threw Stone’s insensate form at the mirror. Instead of shattering the glass wobbled and swallowed the slumbering hunk as if he had been thrown into a dark lake and disappeared beneath the surface.

For the first time since their encounter, The Ringmaster looked unsure of himself, even terrified.

The shame of his own violation and anger of what he had seen this parasite do to Stone boiled over into an uncontrollable blinding rage that took over his entire being. Chris simply became a conduit for revenge. He did not even remember attacking. The next moment he found himself pummeling the leering monster with such intensity, he had no idea how long he’d been beating the predator.

His tight uniform shirt and splattered with blood. His fists bruised and covered with blood

The leering face was bruised and covered with blood, some of the flesh had come away and he was beating into a bony skull. The Ringmaster was muttering faint pleas for mercy.

Chris paused realizing that if he killed the Ringmaster, he may never learn how to save his men, and Stone.

The Ringmaster rolled his head to one side, and spit out some fangs.

He was weeping, but the weeping slowly morphed into a cloying laugh

“Wah hah hunh hahahah. You.. you .. really were delicious Chriss “

Chris slammed his fist into the mocking face

“I’m looking forward to dining in your fine ass again”

Chris fist hit the floor. The Ringmaster had disappeared, and rematerialized in front of the mirror clearly injured but defiant.

“I will never forget your sweet taste. I will not rest until my tongue savors you again.”

Chris rose to attack

“Find the ace of spades Chrisss!”

The Ringmaster stumbled into the mirror and disappeared.

To be Continued..

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