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Chris Redfield Under The Big Top
Part 3 - The Clown
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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Resident Evil-Chris Redfield Under the Big Top

Part Three-The Clown

Much of this story was inspired by the work of Iceman Blue, and so isdedicated to him with gratitude for the inspiration.

Disclaimer: The story containsthemes of male on male nonconsensual sex. The author in no way condones rape or torture. This is a fantasy only. If these themes do not interest you, or you are under eighteen you have no business reading this. If they are of interest to you as an adult reader, then please enjoy:


His enemy was on the ropes and he knew he had to finish him off.

Without hesitation Chris crashed through the mirror, and landed, at the ready, on his feet and poised for attack.

He took a deep breath and inhaled a slickly sweet musk. The faint hum of a calliope echoed in the cavernous darkness.

There was something unnatural and weird about this place beyond the looking glass. Perspectives made no sense. There were no edges or horizons, only gloaming darkness.

Chris noticed a spot of red out of the corner of his eye. It was Jared Stone hanging from a long scarf of red silk, the kind he had seen some circus acrobats use to perform.

But Stone was doing no balancing dance. He simply hung, unconscious and naked wrapped bonds of silk.

Suddenly the silk retreated up into unfathomable darkness pulling the helpless Colonel up into the dark heavens out of view


He felt he was being watched. He turned to see a creepy, sad looking little clown staring at him with an odd fascination.

Without moving his mouth, the clown let out a little laugh that seemed to come from a wind up toy machine rather from the creature’s mouth.

His face did not move with the laugh. His gaze remained fixed on Chris, and his mouth remain frozen in one fanged smile below sad bloodshot eyes.


The clown bowed, righted himself, and offered Chris a bouquet of tatty silk flowers

Chris had no time for this. he barked at the sad little creature

“Where is the Ringmaster??!!”

The little clown only shrugged

“Where are my men?”

The clown just stared

This was a waste of time. Chris turned and strode toward the place where Stone had hung., searching the ground below for clues

The clown’s high-pitched cackle pierced the darkness.

Suddenly it appeared in front of him.

It pulled an egg from its mouth and offered it to a creeped-out Chris who slapped it away.

“Unless you can help me, leave me the fuck alone”

He turned and strode away again. The clown was suddenly, once more in front of him. It opened its mouth and pulled out an endless stream of scarves.

Again and again the clown appeared in his path

Coins from its ear, fire from its fingertips.

Finally the clown offered a fan of cards, prompting Chris to pick one.

Chris ignored him, over and over again, the clown appeared urging him to pick a card

Exasperated he knocked he clown over with a solid punch.

He only bounced back like a rolling ball

Clearly ignoring him, or violence would have no effect. This must be a clue to help him find his men. Cards! The ace of spades!


The clown was there again with the cards

Chris picked one.

Of course, it was the ace of spades.

A sickly sweet gas shot from the center of the card into the stud’s face, and filled his lungs infecting his brain with a buzzing dizziness, and rendering him paralyzed.

He could barley stand.

The moment the doomed stud recognized the face under the rotting clown makeup was a split second too late.

The clown was the Ringmaster! The clown was Wesker!!!

The clown’s hand passed in front of the rugged face sending Chris into a dazed paralysis. The beautiful dark eyes followed the gloved hand rolling over his eyes, mouth, followed by his head and then his body, lifting his feet off the floor, and cast adrift. Like a piece of driftwood on a vast sea,. The hunky B.S.A.A.T. agent floated in the air on a current of tingling arousal. With every breath a gentle but irresistible wave of ticklish sensation passed through his helpless body like rolling surf.

The increasingly loud circus music played dissonant against the pounding of his heart. His arousal and his dick had grown unbearable.

The clown turned away from his victim. Without looking back, raised a talon and wriggled a broken and dirty fingernail in a follow me motion, and his hunky victim floated along after him, like a helium balloon on a string, until they reached the center of a circus ring, surrounded by an unseen cheering crowd.

They clown bowed before the invisible horde. He walked around his helpless hunky assistant, and passed his hands above and below the muscular body to prove there were no strings.

The chuckling harlequin produced a large silver ring out of thin air, again running his arms through and around it, to show there were no strings.

With a flourish he passed the ring over the floating stud, whose clothes magically disappeared as the ring passed over them. Slowly, lovingly, the ring first revealed the feet, ankles, and worked its way over thick calves, and massive thighs. Here the clown paused. And moved the ring back down to re-cloth the delicious bare flesh. The phantom crowd, loudly voiced its frustration. The clown teasingly ran the ring back and forth, closer and closer to what the crowd longed to see. The crowd began to chant. “Show us! Show us! Show us!”

Finally the clown went for the big reveal, but only for a moment.. Chris’ impressive, thick beautiful cock, painfully engorged and leaking precum was now exposed to the appreciative invisible crowd, The ring continued to lay bare rippling eight pack abs, and massive furry man tits. The clown swiped left re-clothing the floating hunk, and repeated the process from the head down.

Finally after tantalizing his audience with his magical strip tease, he pulled the ring away from the fully clothed warrior, and threw it toward the blackness above where it shimmered into nothingness.

The clown raised his arms and a white cloth descended over the muscular form. The clown danced dramatically around his subject, and with a flourish, yanked the cloth away. Chris remained, but his clothes had disappeared once and for all.

The ghostly band played a flourish, and a ghostly audience cheered

The helpless beauty now floated completely naked, save for his earpiece and signature “hobo” gloves.

The clown lazily racked his long, dirty broken fingernails over the hard golden flesh, cupped the balls and tweaked a pert nipple.


To be continued…..

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