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Chris Redfield Under The Big Top
Part 4 - The Greatest Show on Earth
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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Chris Redfield Under The Big Top

Chapter 4 - The Greatest Show on Earth

By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)

Much of this story was inspired by the work of Iceman Blue, and so is dedicated to him with gratitude for the inspiration

Disclaimer: The story contains themes of male on male nonconsensual sex. The author in no way condones rape or torture. This is a fantasy only. If these themes do not interest you, or you are under eighteen you have no business reading this. If they are of interest to you as an adult reader, then please enjoy:


The clown stepped back, and made a circular motion with his hands and pointed toward the far side of the ring.

The naked hunk floated upright, and then over, and over heard over heels like a hunky boomerang picking up speed, and making a whishing sound as he rolled through the air until his back slammed hard against an unyielding surface.

His arms and legs were pulled wide apart and clamps formed around his wrists ankles, and thick neck.

Chris was strapped to a giant wheel!!!


Large white balloons inflated all around him.

The wheel began to spin slowly. The clown’s painted brows furrowed in concentration. He produced a quiver full of nasty looking knives and darts from thin air.

A drum roll echoed in the darkness.

The clown stopped to dab some nervous sweat from his forehead. His head followed the motion of the wheel indicating that the motion made him dangerously dizzy for a knife thrower, and staggered dramatically around the stage.

Finally head forward, squinting, and shivering he took aim and threw.

The knife grazed the stud’s right hip, bursting a balloon releasing a fluffy white substance, along with a small trickle of bright red blood, which ran over the taught thigh, through the dark bush of pubic hair, tickling the sensitive balls.

The clown clucked in disappointment, and after another drum roll. The white substance exploded near the hunk’s neck, splattering into his slightly parted full lips. In his dreamlike haze, Chris recognized the taste. Whipped cream!

The wheel began to move faster. More balloons burst. Faster and faster, at a blinding pace the wheel sped up to a blur. A high-pitched whirring sound underscored the impossible speed. The clown threw at a comically inhuman pace, so quickly the eye could no longer make out his hands.

The sound of the knives hitting their marks began to sound like a machine gun.

Finally the clown threw his last dart. He bit into his knuckle in a mock show of concern for the well being of his victim.

Invisible horns played “Tah-Dah” to signal the end of the trick.

Again ghostly applause followed

It seemed like hours before the wheel finally slowed and spun to a stop.

The helpless beauty was completely coated in the sugary white cream. Tiny rivulets of blood, signs of the surprisingly few missed throws, ran across the curving white shape like veins of Carrara marble. Chris had always resembled a Greek god, but never looked so much like a work of art carved from the purest stone.

The clown reverently approached his bound prize, and gazed hungrily deep into the beautiful but unfocused eyes. Without breaking his gaze, he reached down between the massive thighs to tease the quivering hole, and run his finger along the perineum, to scoop up some of the cream that had gathered there. He raised it to his nose and savored the sweet musky smell, and thrust it into his mouth.


He roughly grabbed Chris’s dark hair, and opening his painted mouth wide, he thrust his tongue deep down his victim’s throat in passionate, suffocating, kiss.. He licked up the side of Chris rugged face, and down his neck, nuzzling into the muscular column behind the ear and down to the clavicle. Chris shuddered.

Ravenously, turning the wheel as needed, the demented clown, began to slowly lick off all of the whipped cream from the hunk’s trembling body, and he took his sweet time. Routing like a pig up into the sensitive underarms. He took especial care with the massive man tips, and pert tender nipples,-which he nibbled, sucked, and bit into cruelly.

The eight pack abs quivered like a soundboard as the clown savored every ripple and crevice.

He spun the stud upside down and licked the ticklish instep, and down the inner thigh.

He played the beautiful body, like a master fiddler plays a Stradivarius. Every touch sent unbearably erotic, electric sensations throughout every cell of Chris body.. Chris had never felt such humiliation or such unbelievable arching pleasure. He felt he might go mad or explode. When he could bear it no more, the relentless tongue took him into an even more unimaginable torment.

The poor beauty’s moans drowned out the eerie circus music.


He saved Chris impressive, beautiful cock and balls for last. His hands roamed wildly over the perfect body, pinching nipples, pulling pubic hair tickling ribs. He seemed to know psychically exactly where to drive Chris the most wild. Pulling each egg like ball into his mouth and licking slowly up the shaft, finally taking the thick rod fully into his mouth, slowly then quickly always teasing and denying until Chris exploded into his mouth. The orgasm seemed to last hours. The cum that was too much even for the clown’s greedy swallowing spilled out the sides of his rapist’s mouth. Chris writhed in his bonds, too out of breath to scream.

No matter how much he came, he remained rock hard and unsatisfied.

Chris fell still and limp on the wheel.

With a wave of his hand, the clown released the bonds, as he leaned his shoulder into Chris’ groin.

The helpless stud, with a sigh, fell over the demented clown’s shoulder.

The clown straightened upright and cackled. Chris Redfield. THE Chris Redfield, draped helpless over his shoulder.

That perfect round muscle ass widened, naked and exposed, in the most vulnerable position possible, Heroic arms and legs, soft hair swayed limply toward the floor.


Chris Redfield. THE Chris Redfield was completely his.

Deep within his fevered, sex addled nightmare Chris was dimly aware of his vulnerable position. In just the same way he had watched Stone taken, his exposed ass was raised aloft and bent over the sole focus of the relentless lust of the perverted ghoul over whose shoulder he hung limp and helpless. His achingly hard cock rubbed hard against the clown’s clavicle, as if he somehow belonged in this position. He seemed made to be presented and taken in this way.


He struggled to regain control of his limbs.

He knew the Horcrux was close. He could feel it, as real as the perverse lust he was captive to. Maybe this was the only way. Maybe he had to sacrifice his body to the perverted hunger of this twisted painted living corpse.

If only he could get free.

A drum roll alerted Chris that they had reached their destination.

The clown lay his prize down on a flat table, and placed one hand around the hero’s neck, leaning in for a slow but rough kiss, running the other hand down the rippling torso.

A trapeze lowered down from the rafters, and landed next to Chris’ still form.

The clown fasted the rope on one side of the bar.

He gently slapped Chris on the cheek, and rolled him over so his hips rested against the bar of the trapeze.

He clown refastened the rope and with a grand effeminate flourish he silently commanded another drum roll.

The trapeze slowly began to raise Chris’ hips upward, bending his hard round ass upward.

As at the end of every trick, invisible horns played “Tah Dah”


The clown froze for a moment admiring the long desired unattainable view. The greatest, and most beautiful warrior and zombie killer of B.S.S.A.T. team displayed helpless, and his for the taking. That perfect round muscle ass presented for his exclusive pleasure in the most delectable of positions. With a wave of his hand he raised the trapeze so that Chris dangled completely from his hips full focus on the hard won prize. The clown licked his lips and dove in tongue first.


He placed his hands on the twin ripe melons of Chris’s ass. The flesh was cool to the touch, and the muscles hard and unyielding as granite. It would be a challenge to force his big cudgel past these mountains, but he felt more than up to the task, no matter how much pain it caused his victim.

He waived his hand again lowering his hunky victim to his knees, chest and head resting on the platform, that delicious ass raised invitingly in the air for ultimate access.

He pulled out an aerosol can, and filled his victim’s hole with whipped cream intending to use it for lubricant, but he suddenly got so hungry, and sucked it all back out, licking out every last drop.


He would have to do without.

He released his grotesquely large and knobby cock, leaking pre cum, and with a flourish, shoved it in mercilessly balls deep. In spite of his stupor Chris groaned in agony. The spectral crowd roared in approval.

The clown let his massive member rest deep within Chris’ ass for a few moments savoring the way the violated virgin hole constricted like a boa around it. The clown enjoyed and unsurpassed sensation of almost unbearable pleasure.


He let his talons roam freely over the planes and muscles of his captive’s body, showing extra attention to Chris’ nipples pinching and pulling. Chris began to moan piteously. The clown pumped Chris’ cock roughly.

A single violin note held the air in anticipation

It was time to begin fucking with all the brutally this matchless beauty deserved.


He grabbed a handful Chris’ soft dark hair and began to pump. He began slowly, at first. It just felt so good, then harder and harder up to an almost cartoon like speed.

The crowd went wild

The trapeze carried both of them up high into the air. Chris muscular body swaying and dangling as the clown rode him hammering in with maniacal cruelty.

The clown began to laugh and cackle as his victim grunted with every thrust.

The drums began to roll again, and the clown pulled out. He grabbed Chris by the air and threw him spinning high into the rafters, only to come down again impaled on the clown’s raging cock. A snare drum signaled applause the crowd gasped in amazement. This was like a high wire act, except these acrobats did not catch each other with their hands. Instead, Chris always landed safely on the clown’s dick


The pain brought Chris back to a hazy consciousness. He was once again aware of where he was and what was happening. Maybe this was the sacrifice the ringmaster spoke of, necessary to save his men.


Screens suddenly appeared all around the ring showing images of his men, beginning to lose the battle to the zombies. This was it. There time was almost up. He had to act.

Suddenly far above him, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a feint metallic glint.

The Ace of Spades! That had to be it.


He heard the Ringmaster’s voice in his ear “Find the ace of spades”

The clown tossed him in the air. He rolled through space. Reaching out a hand. Close, but not enough. The clown tossed him again, another miss.

He heard a drum roll and knew this was it.


On the next toss he willed himself even higher, even if it meant falling to his death. He had to save his men, and death was better than this torture and rape.


His hand closed on the cold metal. Time seemed to stop and he was frozen for a moment in mid air. A blinding light and electric shock buzzed through his entire body. He felt it shooting outwards. He could see the light also filled the screen showing where his men were imprisoned. He had done it!


He felt himself tumbling down.

On the screen, a portal opened up behind his men. They began to levitate, and level out on the air the way that he had when infected by the gas from the clown’s card.

As the men passed through the portal their clothes disappeared just as his had when the clown passed the ring over his body. Chris floated downward through space.

Stone slowly lowered in his silk binds to the floor

NO! It was a trap!

The Ringmaster had never intended to free his men. He now understood he had tricked Chris into securing an entire platoon of young studs as his own playthings, a harem of which Chris was the prize jewel.

Chris once again tumbled down impaling himself on the clown’s cock, falling, limp jigging with every demented thrust.

The zombies swarmed through the portal eager to enjoy a sexual feast of young man flesh.

The crowed roared approval, and before losing consciousness, the clown’s squealing laugh rang in his Chris’ and followed him into his dreams

Eerie calliope music echoed faintly throughout the dark empty tent.

A large brightly painted box, with a red crank on one side, stood lonely in the center of the ring.

The Ringmaster entered and took a bow.

He grabbed the crank. “Pop the Weasel” began to play as he turned. Working furiously he cranked and cranked. Nothing happened.

He tried again brows knit.

On the third try, he gave the box a kick.

The lid popped open. Chris Redfield the mightiest and most beautiful warrior of B.S.S.A.T. sprung out, insensate or dazed, his legs wrapped up to mid thigh in a large tight coil.

He was naked save for a ruff with a bow tie, white wrist gloves, and a red foam nose. His face was painted white with red cheeks, blue paint over his eyes and a big painted on smile. The white clown face contrasting with his bronzed muscles and stubble covered chin.

The innocent looking toy box contrasted with his body hair and outsized limp cock.

Chris the toy bounced limply on the spring, arms hanging loose swaying.

The crown cheered. The Ringmaster jumped on the lip of the box, like a grasshopper.

He circled one spindly arm around the hunk’s neck, the other hand circled round and grabbed Chris hardening cock, and plowed his own misshapen cudgel of a dick into Chris firm round muscle ass.

He whispered blowing the words into Chris ear.

“Welcome to the greatest show on earth!”

Thunder and blazes played loudly as he thrust endlessly into his pretty new plaything’s ass.